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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top 10 Free Social Media Tracking Tools

Posted by @ 7:08 pm

The growth in social media means it’s vital for all businesses to track their brands, services and industry via the myriad of user generated content sources.

Tracking social media is no easy feat. When you consider just how much content is created every hour, the task of following the various sources is extremely time consuming. To help you streamline the process, I’ve provided my top 10 social media tracking tools below.

And the best part is that they’re all FREE!

And here’s the list:

Google Alerts
Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Social Mention
Real-time social media search and analysis. Social media alerts, like Google Alerts but for social media. Receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, CEO, marketing campaign, or on a developing news story, a competitor, or the latest on a celebrity.

Addictomatic searches the best live sites on the web for the latest news, blog posts, videos and images. It’s the perfect tool to keep up with the hottest topics, perform ego searches and feed your addiction for what’s up, and what’s now.

a social media monitor and conversation tracker. As a content producer, you can search for comments on your content from various sources or other blogs that talk about your content. Granted, this may sound like it is targeted at the content producer, but it can also help the people commenting on the content themselves.

Omgili is your way to find “subjective information”. As opposed to traditional search engines, which search for sites and pages, Omgili finds consumer opinions, debates, discussions, personal experiences, answers and solutions.

A simple search engine that scans various forums, messageboards and now various other forms of social media. Filter searches by preferred sources and keep a breast of your forum mentions.

Samepoint is a conversation search engine that lets you see what people are talking about.
Discover, learn and share new web sites and ideas.

HowSociable provides a simple way for you to begin measuring your brand’s visibility on the social web. Measure your brand against 32 key social metrics.

Surchur is the ultimate dashboard (the developers opinion) to right now. Built by a team that is passionate about what the real time web can offer, we’re constantly improving and updating our site.

BlogPulse is an automated trend discovery system for blogs. BlogPulse applies machine-learning and natural-language processing techniques to discover trends in the highly dynamic world of blogs.

There are plenty of other tools out there to help you keep on top of social media’s content, but these ones work well as aggregators and will definitely help you streamline the tracking of your social media campaigns.

If you use another tool that you think’s worth sharing, post it via our comments below.

Rene LeMerle Rene is the marketing manager of - a global search engine marketing company. He also leads the marketing for - a web 2.0 style community for online and digital marketers. Rene has been in the industry since 1997 with much of that time spent helping businesses embrace the best of the internet and digital world.

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Discussion (11 - comments)

That is a great list – Thanks! I would just add one tool,the Unilyzer, to the list, it is relatively new but has a great UI and feel to it.

By Nick Frank - February 17, 2010

What a great list of sites. I’m gonna have to bookmark this. Thanks.

By Robert_M - February 18, 2010 is also good

By mike - February 18, 2010

This is a nice list, but do you really use all of these tools? Do you use every single one of them for each of your clients? They all look cool, but it seems like there would be a lot of duplicated info returned.

By Alex Juel - February 19, 2010

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

@Nick – Unilyzer does look good.

@Mike – thanks for sharing oneriot – seems like its lacking content at this stage, but I’m sure it will grow over time

@Alex you’re right, there is some duplication, but I often find each tool finds certain items that the others don’t. So I put up with the duplication. I actually track most of them via Google Reader – As they offer RSS tracking feeds. Makes it much easier to use them all.

By Rene LeMerle - February 22, 2010

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By Social Media Adoption Doubles for Small Businesses | ineedhits - March 1, 2010

Thanks for sharing these free tools. I’ve already bookmark it for future reference and will do some research into it. I’m sure it’ll definitely help up with my health article website

By Jimi@health-tips - March 6, 2010

[...] Top 10 Free Social Media Tracking Tools | ineedhits [...]

By Keep yourself at the Top of the Blog Marketing News - March 8, 2010

[...] Top 10 Free Social Media Tracking Tools | ineedhits (tags: socialmedia searchengine) [...]

By links for 2010-03-24 « Big Circumstance - March 24, 2010

Hi Rene,

I find your posts are interesting.I believe we can gain from cooperating. Please get back to me for the details.Thank you for your time.

By Rebecca Wright - April 13, 2010

I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future. Cheers

By miss emoticon - May 19, 2011

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