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Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to Setup a Bing Local Listing for Your Business

Posted by @ 5:58 pm

bing-logoBy now, you’re probably well aware that Yahoo! and Microsoft have entered into a search deal which will see Bing become the default search engine on While it might take over a year for the switch to actually take place, there are a number of things you can do now to prepare your business for the changeover. One of these would be to setup a Bing local listing.

How to Setup a Bing Listing

If you’re familiar with how Google local listings work, creating an identical listing in Bing should take no time at all. Below are the steps to complete the process:

  1. Visit the Bing local listing centre here:
  2. Enter your business name, phone number and address. Bing will then check if your business is already registered and prompt you to edit or create your business profile.
  3. You’re then presented with all the usual business fields to complete, so remember to provide as much information as possible (text, links, images etc.) as this should help to get your business ranking higher.
  4. Take advantage of Bing’s supplemental websites area to add extra relevant links to your listing. For example, a restaurant can add additional links to their menus, booking form, or even reviews on a site like tripadvisor.
  5. Verify your listing. Similar to Google, Bing gives you the choice to do this via phone or snail mail.
  6. You’re done!

Aside from being ready for the merger and increasing your online presence, getting in early with a Bing local listing might also help to give your listing more credibility and improve your ranking. We know search algorithms look at the age of website’s in their ranking formula, so if this also holds true for local listings it’s another reason to register your business now.

Update 24-March-2010: Bing have finally confirmed the process for getting your UK business included in Bing local search results.

Matthew Elshaw Matt is a marketing professional at, an international search marketing firm. Matt's passion for online marketing began at university and has proved invaluable in steering product development and marketing initiatives at the company. Matt is a regular contributor to the ineedhits search marketing blog.

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Discussion (50 - comments)

[...] Read more: How to Setup a Bing Local Listing for Your Business [...]

By How to Setup a Bing Local Listing for Your Business | SEO Article Expert - September 6, 2009

It dosnt appear to take details from companies outside the USA. Or does it?
Is there a section for UK companies?

By Shane Hamilton - September 8, 2009

I followed the link from Ineedhits newsletter on setting up a bing listing for my business. Upon setup, it revealed this listing is for the USA only: it will not take an address from the United Kingdom. I have searched through the Help, with no success. If this is available for the United Kingdom, could someone let me know how?

By Gail Parsons - September 8, 2009

Hi Shane/Gail,

Thanks for the comments. You’re right – at this stage Bing local listings are only available for US based businesses. According to Bing webmaster staff, they expect to expand this to the UK within the next year, maybe as early as November.

You can read more about the issue here: I’ve also edited the post to make this more clear :)

By Matthew Elshaw - September 8, 2009

i have also had problems setting up my business listing with bing.
Thanks for the comments.

By Jen - September 21, 2009

[...] Bing Local Listings – How to setup a Bing local listing for your business. [...]

By Bing Now Captures 10% of Searches, Ready to Overtake Yahoo! | ineedhits - September 21, 2009

We have setup an account easily, but couldn’t upload listings for Turkey. Appriciate any feedback.
Carol Lee Smith

By Turkish Property World - October 2, 2009

I set it up as told in your blog, and my business: Smile Angels Of Beverly Hills wes found and optimizec in the listing after 2 days

By Bruce vafa DDS - October 2, 2009

Can Any one Tell me That Bing Local Listing is for all country people or only for specific Countries because i did not find the country INDIA in the state category.Also love to now how the local listing going to help me for my site to bring traffic

By Manoj - October 4, 2009

Hi Guys,

As some of our readers have pointed out, Bing local listings are only available for US based businesses at this stage. According to Bing webmaster staff, they expect to expand this to the UK within the next year, maybe as early as November. We’ll be sure to post an update on our blog when this is live.

By Matthew Elshaw - October 4, 2009

I tryed, but it seems to be not easy for us too, as a hotel in Berlin – Germany to get listed

By thomas - October 5, 2009

Bing UK Local listings are sourced from Thomson Local. If you’re in the directories you should appear on the local listings.

By Local Lady - October 5, 2009

I’m listed in Thomson Local but am not in Bing UK Local. Very irritating. They should keep it a level playing field and either have no local listings at all or allow people to add them.

By Sharon Stiles - October 17, 2009

I`m listed in Thomson local as well but not in Bing local uk.
It is very irritating to see other businesses listed in bing uk local when you dont have a chance.

Any idea how they have done it?

By Serge - November 10, 2009


It appears Bing Uk has now gone live:

- it appears there’s still no way to add a UK business!

By Steve - November 13, 2009

Here’s how to get listed a UK business listed in Bing Local:

Hope this helps :)


By Daniel - November 18, 2009

[...] I first posted how to setup a Bing local listing, we had a ton of feedback from our UK readers who pointed out [...]

By How to Setup a UK Bing Local Listing | ineedhits - November 22, 2009

Thanks for the feedback Daniel – I have updated this into a new post:

By Matthew Elshaw - November 23, 2009

We have setup an account no problem, but couldn’t upload listings for Turkey.

By Turkey Property co. - December 8, 2009

[...] 2. How to Setup a Bing Local Listing for Your Business [...]

By The Top 7 SEO Tips & Hints of 2009! | ineedhits - January 4, 2010

[...] 2. How to Setup a Bing Local Listing for Your Business [...]

By SEO Tips And Hints From 2009 | SEO Articles - SEO Optimization - SEO Tutorials - January 4, 2010

Matt – I’m interested in a bulk local listing upload. I am from corporate and would like to do this for all of our store locations. Is this something I am able to do with Bing? If so, can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!!

By Dana - January 11, 2010

I have set up very easy but no space for Turkey, dont know why..any ones have idea?
Ilknur Eroglu

By Holiday Homes Turkey - January 12, 2010

I work for a UK company and our old company details are listed in Bing’s local business centre… old URL, address and phone number, details which are older than Bing itself!.

If Bing is getting the UK listings from Thompson Local, why are our details on Thompson up to date but out of date on Bing Local Business Centre?

any advise would be appreciated in updating the old details as currently they’re as much use as a chocolate teapot ;)

By Dave Tymon - February 2, 2010

I dont know why Turkey is not available…

By Web Tasarım Marmaris - February 5, 2010

The fact that Bing isn’t working for non-US businesess yet will just help Bings’ competitors…..

By David - February 9, 2010

Does bing not support Mac users on Safari? I tried to upload my business information and it would not do it as it said it did not support my browser? Hard to believe that Bing even if it is Microsoft wouldn’t enable Mac users to use their search engines.

By Brittany White - March 11, 2010

Even getting a UK business on Yahoo maps seems to be something possible only for psychics. Bing is US-only and Yahoo is as clear as mud to use. Maybe when they converge we’ll get Bihoo – a US only platform you can’t add your business to, or if we’re lucky it’ll be Yahing – A UK-supported platform that’ll have a button called “add your business” or something equally sensible. My guess is it’ll be somewhere in the middle!

By Ed - April 7, 2010

I would very much like to set up a listing for my company, but when I tried, it was not available for Canada or it seems for any other country in the world except the U.S.A.
When will you be setting this up for Canada and the rest of the world? From what I have read you need to improve your service big time.

By Karen Ha - April 21, 2010

ı think there is a problem.. cause ı cant set up this service.. reason is living in turkey ?

By visit turkey video - June 15, 2010

ı can use all bing systems whitout this dont know why ?

By marmaris otel - June 30, 2010

My turn to complain – can’t sign up for Australia. The form only allows US – very typical of a US company and surpising from a company that pretends to be global.

I see for local searches other companies are listed – so how does Bing pick these up?

By Grant - August 3, 2010

Now, I am working for an aboriginal art gallery website and I would like to add this website in Bing local listing. I really like this useful post too much and Thank you Matt for sharing this great post and keep it up.

Alex –

By Alex - August 17, 2010

This has been a big help – we have a number of clients that are wanting to make a larger impression within the Bing network and you have saved me a lot of research

Thanks again

Dave –

By Dave - August 18, 2010

looks like you still cant list on bing?!!! i want to list my window cleaning business.
google was by far the easiest. any1 helpppppppp? lol

By jamie - August 24, 2010

it also does not work for Canadian business’s either. 2 strikes for me, doesnt work on Mac or for us in canada… Another failure for microsoft the list is sooooo very long, lol

By Kari - September 13, 2010

nope nothing for australian market yet. steve @

By steve smith - October 31, 2010

when will bing allow other countries, this is crazy that it takes so long to add the rest of the world in.

By tristan Yoneda - October 31, 2010

Still no Solution for Australia? I’d like to add my Adult Jumping Castle business.

By Aaron - November 6, 2010

Bing is an incredible search engine Directory. Both of our website the and are registered with the Bing and optimized immediately.

By Bruce Vafa DDS - November 30, 2010

I’ve been trying to add a Local Business inside the USA and the page keps giving me an error saying that the address is wrong to retype it or verify it. After 3 clicks of the submit button it gives you and error We’re sorry
Something went wrong. Please try again later.

Does someone knows what is happening?

By Horacio Martinez - January 11, 2011

Ne’er knew this, thankyou for letting me know.

By sonic producer - January 17, 2011

we were trying to listing our business on bing for but can’t list

Is bing business listing avail for India also….

i went through your process mentioned in How to Setup a Bing Listing.

By Tekaseo - February 10, 2011

Hi, I’m tring to get my site listed in Ontario Canada for SEO services, but every time I try it only shows me US states! Am I missing somthing?


By Steve SEO - February 12, 2011

Ditto! Am finding it near impossible to set up my business with bing! I keep only getting options for the US or UK… Help!

By Lauren - February 22, 2011

This local places through BING and Yahoo is too frustrating. I guess they want to make sure the GOOGLE stays well ahead of them in every category. How is it that i can go to the Canadian Local page of both of those Search Engines and see local results but because im in Canada i cant add my business like if i was in USA.

Weak stuff by BING & Yahoo.


By Alec Sparta - February 27, 2011

I was signing up for a free Bing local business listing. When I was filling out the info I filled out my birth date as 2011 instead of 1971. Now it keeps saying I need my parents permission before I can move forward. How can I remedy this so I can get my business listing on Bing ASAP?



By Jimmy sutton - July 10, 2011

Bing local listings has recently updated their admin center. It looks like you can even get QR codes now for your business. The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to change out the name of the person the postcard will be mailed out to (if you have multiple businesses and post cards need to be sent to multiple people).

By Jackie - July 26, 2011

With the increasing prominance of Bing (now that Yahoo is also using its data) it is even more critical that you roll out this service to the rest of the world!
Still can’t register any of my clients in Germany or Austria

By Bruce Jackson - July 27, 2011

Bing’s local search promised to offer genuine competition to Google local. While might not have delivered on the promise just yet, it had bricks and mortar businesses clambering to get listed in Microsoft’s latest Local marketing solution.
Bac Pham

By Bac Pham - August 31, 2011

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