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Sunday, May 17, 2009

DIY Tip: Recommended Webpage File Size

Posted by @ 6:43 pm

Webpage file size probably isn’t something that most of you think about in the day to day running of your website. It is however really important especially if you want the Google spider to crawl your site thoroughly.

So what is the recommended size of a webpage? There isn’t a definitive answer, but try to stick to the idea of “less is better”.

The folks over at Search Engine Journal have some myths and facts on page sizes, which I thought were worth sharing…

Myth: With fast Internet connections and “smart” search engine bots, you no longer have to care about the page size.
Fact: Huge pages (over 100 K – which is the standard established long ago) can account for a lot of user challenges and decrease the bot’s crawl rate and depth. Note: the bot works on a budget – if it spends too much time crawling your huge images or PDFs, there will be no time left to visit your other pages.

Myth: Page content should be no more than 1000 words.
Fact: There are no (known) limits to text content. I used to see very huge pages (in terms of word count) and Google seemed to index all of them. The only actionable advice here is to make text easy to read for your readers, crawls will handle as much text as you need.

Myth: Google can handle no more than 100 links per page;
Fact: It is still recommended to stick to that standard (in order to ensure search engines will follow all of them), however technically Google bots can handle and treat many more links than that (and it is official).

What standards do you use for your webpage file size? Feel free to share your insights in the comments section below.

Courtney Mills Courtney is an online marketing and communications specialist at ineedhits - a leading search engine marketing firm with over 16 years experience. Courtney has been living and breathing online marketing for over 5 years. She specializes in web and communication marketing, while providing news and opinion to online marketing communities.

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Discussion (2 - comments)

Many still use dial-up. Large pages can lead to “it’s not worth the trouble”, whether text or other media is sought. Many sites now use Flash as the predominant means of layout (or just too much total download size) and often get passed up by me, sometimes even before first page loads.

Can flash even be crawled?

By none - May 21, 2009

Thanks, good article.

By FredJouldd - May 28, 2009

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