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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Claiming a Top Google Local Spot

Posted by @ 8:59 pm

google-local-business-listing-imageWith Google now displaying local results for businesses where the search query does not include the location, Google Local has become an even stronger short cut to the top of the organic results. There are some things you can do to aid in obtaining a high Google local ranking.

Keyword Rich Business Name
Businesses with their business type in their names are recommended from a ranking perspective. For example if you are a wedding photographer, it is in your interest to have the term “wedding photographer” in your business name. Adding the location in it would also be of benefit, however this is not often possible for practical reasons. e.g. when comparing wedding photographers in the New York area, the business name “New York Wedding Photographer” will usually rank better than “Gold Wedding Photographer” which will in turn rank higher than “Premium Pics”

Business Type Keyword Rich URL
Similar to ranking in the organic area, a keyword rich URL with your business type can also be beneficial. Businesses with established business names often see this as a problem as they have an existing customer base which may know them by their non keyword rich business name and URL. If this is an issue, consider building a different website with its sole purpose being its ability to generate leads from. As long as your content is unique to your main website, this practice can be a good way to rank well for your chosen keywords without having to change your main URL.

Enhance your Local Business Listing
Most business listings contain only basic data. Enhancing your listing provides additional information to Google which will in turn help you with your ranking. Fields you can provide to Google include products you sell, payment options, opening hours, areas you service etc. The more descriptive you are, the better the chance Google will elevate your listing when someone is searching for a specific query. For example the search query for “Vermont 24 hour Vet accepting Visa card” will promote the listing which contains that information.

Add Testimonials
Have a happy customer? Ask them to submit a testimonial through on your Local Listing. This is quite easy to do by your customer yet can provide some good ranking benefits. Never forge testimonials as Google can look at factors such as which IP lodged the recommendation, frequency of growth etc.

Getting into Google Maps can be easy. Ensuring you gain great ranking from it involves many factors as can be seen above. We recommend using a professional to help you get the most out of Google Local Listings

Peter Gavalas Peter has been with ineedhits since 2003. Within that time he has been involved in sales, customer service, product development and now is the VP of Channels and Alliances. Peter has a passion in providing affordable, online marketing solutions for small businesses and thus helping them succeed online.

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Discussion (1 - comment)

It would have been useful to give an illustration. Are you referring to meta information or expansions within key html fields? Having a URL name which has business relivance is also useful.

By ctbs1999 - April 14, 2009

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