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Monday, February 15, 2010

Checking Inbound Links with Yahoo! Site Explorer

Posted by @ 9:03 pm

I use Yahoo! Site Explorer almost every day to check basic link stats for both and our clients. It is an extremely useful tool which can provide a lot of useful data about the inbound links to any site on the web.

There are a number of reasons the tool is one of my favorites:

  • Site explorer seems to provide one of the most comprehensive sources of link data across the web.
  • It’s a quick and easy free tool with an unlimited number of queries.
  • It can work for an individual page or an entire domain
  • It has a few options which allow you to further refine which links are displayed.

How to Use the Tool
To use the tool, visit Yahoo! Site Explorer and enter the URL you would link to check. Once the information for this page has been loaded, click on the “Inlinks” button near the top of the page.

Here’s how a link query for ineedhits looks:


From this page you can use the “Show Inlinks” dropdown to exclude internal links from your domain or subdomain and also display links pointing to the specific URL you’ve entered or their entire domain. When checking the incoming links for a competitor, it’s often useful to exclude their internal links as this can skew their figures.

Getting Extra Link Information
To get even richer data from this tool, there is also a firefox add-on called SEO Link Analysis which displays additional information about each link. You’ll get details on the PageRank of each site, the anchor text used and if the link is nofollowed or not.

Here’s what the tool looks like with the plugin installed:


As I mentioned earlier, Site Explorer is a great free link checking tool – so hopefully this tutorial has given you a quick introduction of how to get the most out of it. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below!

Matthew Elshaw Matt is a marketing professional at, an international search marketing firm. Matt's passion for online marketing began at university and has proved invaluable in steering product development and marketing initiatives at the company. Matt is a regular contributor to the ineedhits search marketing blog.

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By Checking Your Inbound Link Quality With Site Explorer | DevWebPro - February 17, 2010

completely true that yahoo is a great engine for checking your backlinks (and a little more) as it seems more accurate than others when it comes to Inlinks…anyway i do check my site’s status with this online tool: … maybe it’ll help someone

By instinctis - May 29, 2010

when i search with google i get partial link list only. with yahoo i am getting more backlinks list.

By Indian shaddi - June 24, 2010

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