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Monday, September 20, 2010

4 Site Content Tips Your Competitors Don’t Know About!

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One of the simplest ways of making your website stand out from the crowd is through unique content that appeals to searchers.

Generally, people are not looking for your products or services to purchase immediately; they are looking for information about them. They want to learn something new and this is where you can get the jump on your competitors.

SEM expert Stoney deGeyter says that key to unique content is thorough keyword research. He has outlined 4 things to look out for during your research:

  • Easy to Rank Phrases

When looking for good traffic, you can always start with phrases that have little or no competition. Find queries that match what you provide that others have not yet optimized for. This gives you a chance to build up some rankings and traffic for good (yet lower traffic) phrases. You can immediately start siphoning off traffic from your competitors and start building a loyal audience that will keep coming back.

  • Niche Areas

Look for an area within your industry that your competitors are not covering or not covering very well. Find obscure topics that people are interested in, but, after conducting a few searches of your own, show that the available content on the web isn’t sufficient. This creates an opportunity for you to fill in the gaps and create authoritative information of your own.

  • Highly Targeted Phrases

These are long-tail phrases that are very targeted for your audience, addressing specific areas of interest. Highly targeted phrases are generally pretty easy to get ranked but they also bring in an audience that has a very specific need. Write information that targets these searchers by providing new information, a new spin, a new take on, or a new way of looking at things.

  • Info Queries

They are typically the queries with a question that answers questions, such as “how to…” or “what is…”. These queries provide a great opportunity to provide content beyond simple text. “How to” videos, diagrams, flash animations, and podcasts are all great ways to provide this type of content in a way that people find valuable. Telling someone how to do something is great, but showing them how to do it is even better.

So, if your website is looking all to like your competitors, then its time for a change! I hope Stoney’s advice will help you achieve this.

Courtney Mills Courtney is an online marketing and communications specialist at ineedhits - a leading search engine marketing firm with over 16 years experience. Courtney has been living and breathing online marketing for over 5 years. She specializes in web and communication marketing, while providing news and opinion to online marketing communities.

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By 4 Site Content Tips Your Competitors Don’t Know About! « Miami Beach Web Designer - September 20, 2010

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I need help with seo for my half a million dollar website I’ve done on my own
it’s nearly killed me all the work my site is locals telling tourists where to go nicely :) lol

By Melissa Burrows - October 28, 2010

@ Melissa, I just had a quick look at your site and I have to say I love the concept. Looking forward to checking it out again soon when there is more content.

By Courtney Mills - October 28, 2010

Hi Courtney,

If you enjoyed Melissa’s site can you please let me know what you ‘think’ (you’ll see what i did there) of mine . It is a little bit different to Melissa’s but we share one common ground, the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. Have you visited us before? My site basically helps you if your HUNGRY, NAKED or BORED (eat, shop, do) it lists all the best Gold Coast restaurants, as well as all the best places to shop and attractions to visit. Love to get your feedback I built the site only 5 months ago :)

Kind Regards
Luke MacDonald

By Luke M - January 27, 2012

@ Luke M, Great concept and the website design is really cool (great colours and layout)

Only issue is that the site took a really long time to load (nearly 1 minute) – if your webpage takes longer than 10 seconds to load, then it’s highly likely your visitors will become impatient and leave. You might find these tools helpful to speed up your website:

By Courtney Mills - January 29, 2012

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