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Monday, April 16, 2007

4 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Search Marketing

Posted by @ 7:52 pm

When faced with the challenge of ranking higher, getting included in search engines or even running an online advertising campaign, small businesses are faced with two options; ‘Should I outsource search marketing or do it myself?’

While there are benefits either way, I feel outsourcing is the smartest choice (working for an SEM company helps), as it allows business owners to focus on what they do best, running their small business. Aside from this, there are many other reasons you may want to consider outsourcing your search marketing. Here are my top 4:

1. The Search Environment is Constantly Changing

Fast rates of adoption and low barriers to entry have meant the online landscape is evolving at a very rapid pace. Firms like Google and Yahoo! are continuously enhancing and adding new features to their marketing products, leaving many business owners at a loss about which medium is right for them. Search marketing firms make it their job to keep on top of industry developments. The quick adoption and implementation of new marketing elements mean search marketing firms are able to suggest and employ these changes on their client’s campaigns.

2. The Right Mix of Experts is Hard to Find

Running a search marketing campaign requires a broad range of marketing skills that are not often available to every small business owner. Today, it’s virtually impossible to find someone who possesses all the skills required to fully manage an entire search marketing campaign. At ineedhits, like many search engine marketing firms, we employ a range of specialists with expertise in website submission, SEO, pay-per-click and online advertising, copywriting and landing page design. This unique mix of talents ensures we can help small business across all areas of search marketing.

3. It’s not all about SEO

There was a time when ‘search marketing’ simply meant ranking higher in Google. How times have changed. Search marketing has now developed into a complex mix of paid advertising, PPC campaigns, paid inclusion, webpage conversion and more. Understanding all elements and choosing those best suited to YOUR business is the only way to achieve effective results online. With increased competition and millions of new websites, focusing solely on SEO is definitely a thing of the past.

4. Easy to Start but Hard to Improve

Many businesses find themselves starting search marketing campaigns, only to cancel them after about a month or so. Why? Because they were not getting the ROI (return on investment) they were looking for. A prime example in this case is pay-per-click advertising. After setting up these campaigns, many small business owners simply let them run their course, without monitoring clicks, optimizing ad copy or changing ad placement. Their click through rate decreases, ad position declines and they are left wondering where it all went wrong.

Monitoring and improving your campaign is something best left to professionals. In the case of our pay-per-click service Easy PPC, your campaign manager sets monthly goals for your business and optimizes your campaign to meet these goals. This ensures your campaigns produce long term results for your business.

Whether you’re new to search engine marketing, or have been using it for a while, I hope this post provides some insight into the benefits of outsourcing your online marketing. If you currently outsource your search marketing, let us know how it has improved your business via our blog comments!

Matthew Elshaw Matt is a marketing professional at, an international search marketing firm. Matt's passion for online marketing began at university and has proved invaluable in steering product development and marketing initiatives at the company. Matt is a regular contributor to the ineedhits search marketing blog.

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I like the way you think Matthew. I think everyone should outsource there search engine marketing. I typically see a two different types clients that are ready to outsource their SEO. First, the businesses that aren’t getting enough response and then businesses that are getting too much response and not enough conversions. Both types are frustrated and it’s great taking over the campaign to get it producing results.

By AllOverNaples - March 24, 2009

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