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Monday, August 2, 2010

3 Steps to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Posted by @ 9:43 pm

One of the biggest misconceptions with online marketing is that social media is only for large brands. Truthfully, a small business that invests its time wisely can improve customer (or client) loyalty and word of mouth marketing with an effective social media strategy.

Social media is useful for almost every type of business. Cafes, retail stores, and even professional services can build their online reputation and increase trust. By taking advantage of social media, businesses can make themselves more accessible, more personable, and maintain long term connections.

Facebook is the most popular social networking website on the internet, and often the first site that comes to mind when people mention social media. Establishing your business presence on facebook requires an ongoing effort, but can have some great rewards if done well.

Here’s our advice for getting started with Facebook.

1. Create a business page – Creating a page for your business is really quite simple and gives you an instant presence on facebook to share information about your company. To get started visit and click Create a Page.

Here’s a checklist for populating your page with relevant business information:

  • Overview of the business
  • Website and contact information
  • Your logo and pictures of the business
  • Videos
  • Press releases and blog posts
  • Company news and updates


2. Interact with your fans – Once you’ve setup a page for your business, the most important step is to interact with your fans! Try and post updates to your page at least weekly which can include new blog posts, competitions and links to new products or special discounts.

It’s also important that you engage with any customers that leave a comment on your wall or wall posts. Remember that facebook is a public forum so take care with your replies and show potential customers that you provide excellent customer service.

3. Promote your facebook page – The tricky thing about facebook pages is that you can’t friend someone the same way you can from your personal profile. People can elect to become fans of your page, but only if they know about it.

Here’s a few ideas on different ways to promote your page:

  • Identify contacts from your personal profile that are business contacts and invite them to become fans of your business
  • Include links to your facebook pages in the footer of email communications with customers
  • Include a facebook icon on your website or blog and give customers some incentive to become a fan (special discounts, coupons etc.)
  • Promote your facebook page using other social networks that you participate in

Matthew Elshaw Matt is a marketing professional at, an international search marketing firm. Matt's passion for online marketing began at university and has proved invaluable in steering product development and marketing initiatives at the company. Matt is a regular contributor to the ineedhits search marketing blog.

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By Michael - August 2, 2010

Yes it was well said that social media plays a vital role in every kind of business promotions. I agree with your blog. Keep up good work.
-susan cripllar

By susancg04 - August 7, 2010

To promote business is an important part to success in online business. I have used these 3 steps to promote my business on Facebook. It works awesome.
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By data recovery - August 12, 2010

would like to know more about how we can promote our school

By Richard Frisby - October 21, 2010

[...] 3 Steps to Promote Your Business on Facebook [...]

By How To Optimize Your Business’ Google Plus page for Ranking and Results | GOOGLE PLUS ADVERTISE - November 17, 2011

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