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Monday, January 21, 2013

Zavers: Google’s New Digital Coupon Service

Posted by @ 10:18 am

Keep an eye out for a brand new digital coupon service, Zavers, which has just been launched by search giant, Google.

Zavers allows manufacturers and retailers to reward their customers with coupons that the customers are actually likely to use. The purpose of this service is to help retailers boost both their loyalty while increasing the amount of shopping and spending that is going on in the world.

Some individuals have stated that this coupon service reminds them of a dating network for products and shelf space. The final result of this service being for a company to meet new customers (regardless of it is online or offline).

Not only is Zavers going to help customers save money, it is also going to reap a lot of benefits for companies as well. For example, the service has a real-time analytical feature that is going to allow manufactures to monitor the number of coupons that are redeemed. It is also going to collect data and examine the customer’s preferences in regards to coupons and spending. This will allow Zavers to suggest to a manufacturer what coupons are going to be more beneficial for their company.

Here are some of the benefits that manufacturers reap from this program:

  • They will gain visibility into the path of purchases
  • They will reduce cost and allow an individual to manage a budget.
  • They will prevent fraud
  • They get real time UPC level data
  • They manage and target distribution

The benefits of a retailer, on the other hand, are listed as well:

  • The ability to reward your customers
  • The increase in transaction speed at the register (you do not have to worry about scanning each and every item)

In the long run, Zavers also hopes to help Google to socialize a little more with shipping in the future. In fact, it is a good move on Google’s part to support the retailers and manufactures and see where they go or what they do.

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