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Monday, January 29, 2007

YouTube’s Plans to Share Revenue – Show Me the Money!

Posted by @ 7:48 pm

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley announced at the World Economic Forum that the video sharing website had plans to start sharing revenue with the video creators that have made the website so successful.

Now before anyone quits their day jobs to pursue the big lights of a YouTube Video Creator’s lifestyle, there is still a lack of information about what revenue the company plans on sharing, let alone what % of that revenue will be shared.

YouTube currently generates revenue from a range of advertising options, so it’s still not clear whether the revenue will be shared from those sources or whether they will introduce a new form of advertising, such as pre-video ads as speculated by the BBC, to generate the shared revenue.

Either way, I’m sure the YouTube community will be happy to see some returns on their efforts. Considering YouTube’s success has been based on the video prowess (both good and bad) of its millions of uploaders, it’s comforting to see them planning on giving back to the community.

One debate that is sure to raise its head again is the copyright issue. If video creators start making money from content that was borrowed from other providers, then the revenue share should surely include the original content creator/s.

While no definitive timelines have been set for the YouTube revenue share plans, watch this space closely as there are thousands of video creators anxiously waiting to get their share of the YouTube revenue pie.

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You Tube should definitely compensate their contributors. It’s fine to see the really popular videos showcased on TV and people get their 30 seconds of fame (used to be 15 minutes but McLuhan doesn’t strictly apply in the new digital format), but You Tube is owned by Google, with an agreement with NBC, and these people are getting content they don’t have to pay for – no fair! Also, a lot of time and energy goes into some of those vids and it would be cool to see these people get something back for it, although I’m not sure how that would affect the community. I guess the response would be why pay for something you can get for free. girl friday of

By girlfriday - April 3, 2007

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