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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yahoo! Sets Industry Standard with 90 Day Data Policy – Does Google Care?

Posted by @ 6:08 pm

It seems like Yahoo! is going around in circles at the moment, with the once mighty search engine and portal unsure how to resurrect its corporate lustre.

The PR team have just announced a new data retention policy which they claim

“sets an industry-leading approach to user data privacy. This new policy strengthens Yahoo!’s relationship of trust with its 500 million users world-wide and enhances its longtime leadership on privacy.”

Okay, there are some people who are concerned about how long their “user” data is stored and tracked by search engines. So for these people, the change in policy will be welcomed.

But what about the rest of us? Do you really care?

Chances are most users have no idea how long their information is stored. Did you know that Google tracks and retains your behavioral data for 9 months? Probably not, and I would suggest that 80% of you wouldn’t change search engines because of it.

So while I think it’s all “fine and dandy” for Yahoo! to be proclaiming that they’ve reduced their data retention policy – it’s hardly going to impact the big picture. Let alone stir concern or action by Google.

Yahoo! seem to clutching at straws to recover lost market share and reputation. What do you think. Do you care that they’ve changed their data retention policy? Or even more importantly, will it have a positive impact on their user numbers?

Share your thoughts below.

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Discussion (3 - comments)

If it a genuine case of a complete data refresh then it is a great idea. Google seem to hold old data for years.

By Xen swimwear - December 22, 2008

Well, I must admit, all of us can be critics.. Personally, I think Yahoo has made a very wise choice in regards to changing their data retention policy.. We as Online shoppers ..etc.. want to see the most updated statistics as well as old data.. You go YAHOO!!!! When I go into a department store, what do I want? I can tell ya, I want something updated and I think the majority would agree with me..

By Anonymous - January 6, 2009

Every time you use the the internet your data is placed into the public domain in some way or another. what I am writing here will probably be stored on computers all around the world long after I am I am not worried how long yahoo or google keep it or use it & nor should anyone else.

By Anonymous - January 8, 2009

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