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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yahoo! Releases Ad Delivery Reports and New Click Charging Model

Posted by @ 9:57 pm

A few months ago, Yahoo! alerted advertisers to an upcoming change to their advertising charging. The new changes were aimed at aligning charging from partner sites with the quality of traffic.

Here’s a snippet from the email:

“As you know, when you advertise with Yahoo!, your traffic can come from both Yahoo! sites and partners’ sites in our distribution network. As part of an ongoing effort to strengthen our marketplace, Yahoo! plans to soon expand the adjustments we make to click charges based on our assessment of the performance of traffic coming from sources within our distribution network. This will include deeper discounts on click charges for lower-performing traffic, and potential premiums on click charges for higher-performing traffic. We expect to launch this enhancement in late August or early September 2009.”

Last week, Yahoo! announced that the changes are now live and a new Ad Delivery Report will help advertisers make sense of the changes and optimize their campaigns.

“ Yahoo! is launching some new features that will let you know which Yahoo! partners are providing you traffic, and charge you according to the performance of the traffic you receive.”

The Ad Delivery Report, when combined with Yahoo!’s analytics options, will allow advertisers to pin point which campaigns are converting. (Wow – hasn’t Google been offering that for decades)

What is interesting is the new pricing model. Yahoo! has cleverly suggested that the new pricing model aims to offer discounts on click sources that are known to provide lower quality traffic.

But there’s a catch. Advertisers can expect “potential premiums on click charges for higher-performing traffic”. Of course they expect the impact to be positive for most advertisers.

“How does it affect you? Based on our analysis, we expect that most advertisers will see click charges drop or remain unchanged, while a small fraction of advertisers may experience an increase in click charges.”

The real impact of the change will become apparent in the coming weeks. This all seems like Yahoo! are playing catch up with their advertising platform functionality. As for the new pricing model, if advertisers’ costs go up, there’ll be a serious backlash – something Yahoo! cant afford at this stage.

If you’re running Yahoo! advertising campaigns, let us know how the changes impact your spend and advertising performance.

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Discussion (3 - comments)

I don`t use Yahoo`s ads to advertise. I tried to join about a year ago but the task was so daunting, I quit. I went to Google instead. It took me all of five minutes to sign up with Google adwords. I think this information is important because since I have been online for nine years, it should not be that hard to sign up for paid advertising.

I also think it is important to note that I`m not the only one who had trouble setting up ads on Yahoo. It has been a year since I tried to set up ad campaigns on Yahoo and I must admit, I have been tempted to try again but then I think how unfriendly the help was and decided not to waste my time.


David Bowie

By David Bowie - September 14, 2009

Hi David Bowie!

And yeah, Yahoo advertising needs to get its act together.

By Molly - September 14, 2009

all good things

By Globals - October 3, 2009

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