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Monday, August 28, 2006

Yahoo! Overtakes Google …In China

Posted by @ 6:12 pm

The battle between Yahoo! and Google for search domination is generally contested in the lucrative US market. Both companies hold significant market share across the US and have been seeking foreign shores to increase their search reach. The playing field of greatest promise for the two search heavyweights is China.

According to a recent research report of Searching Engine Market in China, issued by the CCW Research and reported by ChinaDaily, Yahoo! has just overtaken Google in Chinese search market share.

Google has very publicly expressed its interest in the Chinese search market after buying into China’s no.1 search engine and then selling its interest to focus on its core Google search engine.

While Google has been in the Chinese headlines for all the right and wrong reasons, it appears Yahoo! has secured its share of the market more discretely. Without much hoopla, Yahoo! has not only successfully entered the Chinese search consciousness, but overtaken Google to secure the second spot to trail

The increased market share is a great success for Yahoo!, but it’s important to recognize that Yahoo! and Google still trail Baidu by a significant margin. The Chinese are still embracing their own, with Baidu holding about 44% of the search market alone.

Don’t expect the US based search engines to resign themselves to minor placings in China. Google is already looking to set up a research center in Shanghai next year, and Yahoo!’s stake in the rapidly growing Chinese e-commerce company should give it the network and inside knowledge to further increase its stake in China.

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Discussion (6 - comments)

It is a misinterpretation.

Yahoo’s revenue is ahead of Google’s but falling.

Yahoo’s search not only more unpopular but also in danger of being wiped out soon.

By Anonymous - August 28, 2006

Anyone remember the doomed company, Apple?

Yahoo to make a big comeback, I’ve done their progressed chart.

By Anonymous - August 29, 2006

Yahoo! Is on the come back..

Be warned and watch !!!!

By Peety - August 29, 2006

What is a google?

By milo - August 29, 2006

Yahoo! China is run by Alibaba, which has stronger presence in the Internet space in China. In China’s search engine market, number 1 is Baidu, number 2 is Yahoo China, and Google ranked number 3. So far the local players are beating their global counterparts.

By Helen Wang - August 30, 2006

Ten years ago Yahoo was a biggest portal, no one could ever think that any one will be able to compete with them.

From nowhere, Google is confidently climbing up to the top of the mountain.

By Mr. Abdulin - September 2, 2006

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