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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yahoo! Directory Giving Away Free Renewals

Posted by @ 5:45 pm

In the world of SEO, three directory listings have been seen as pivotal to any serious optimization/link building campaign:

  1. DMOZ
  2. BOTW (best of the web)
  3. Yahoo! directory

Murmurs emerged this week that Yahoo! was giving away free renewals to its famous directory. A directory that would normally cost site owners $299 for a listing.

My first thoughts were – “interesting move for a company whose financials have been a little worse for wear of late”…shareholders will love this strategy.

Barry Schwartz and Loren Baker have both covered the discussion, and they raise a good point. While the directory probably offers a reasonable revenue line, it’s not exactly a key focus moving forwards.

It might have reached a point where administration costs don’t align with the focus and revenue potential of the service, and accordingly the company is re-organizing the way it is managed.

At this stage there has been no formal statement from Yahoo! about the complimentary renewals – so it could be a glitch in the system rather than a deliberate strategy for all we know.

Here’s one of the comments from the forum discussing the free renewals

I’ve always had 3 websites that I paid for inclusion into Yahoo Directory. Now, 2 of the three are no longer listed under my Yahoo account (the backend where my billing info etc. is).

I noticed this after realizing I wasn’t charged for them towards the end of last year. But the listings are still active in the directory – they show up in the same categories, everything just like when I was paying for them.

The funny thing is, my oldest website which was listed in Yahoo Dir first, still shows up in my account and I am still paying for it.

While it’s great for those that are receiving the free listings, and disappointing for those still having to pay…I can’t help but think that the Yahoo! Directory is on a downward spiral.

Its value to SEO/ranking is questionable these days…and with freebies being issued, you have to wonder how long it’s going to exist in its current form. While I’m sure it won’t hit the deadpool anytime soon…I can’t see it being reincarnated into anything useful either….

It’s rapidly becoming “just another one of those directories that used to be good….”

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Discussion (2 - comments)

From the buzz I’ve been reading online, its most likely this is simply a billing error – rather than a genuine attempt to give away free renewals!

By James - March 24, 2009

Geez, yahoo must really be struggling if they don’t want repeat revenue.

By Arthur Keller - March 24, 2009

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