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Monday, October 15, 2012

Yahoo! Continues Downward Spiral in September Search Share

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ComScore has reported that for the month of September, the search engine that was most used was Google (surprised?). In actual numbers, it turns out that in September alone, over 66% of searchers did their searching on Google more than Bing and Yahoo.

In the past, Yahoo was considered to be the best search engine used, however over time the search engine has fallen to third place being Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. Over the course of the past year, Yahoo’s numbers have not been looking promising at all. At one time, Yahoo’s piece of the search engine pie was at sixteen percent, but now that piece of the pie has been growing smaller and smaller and last month it lost another 0.6 percentage points and now has just 12.2 percent of the market. Though people are still using Yahoo, these dropping numbers do not look very promising as to the future. Will Yahoo’s numbers continue to slide? Is Yahoo in danger of becoming a thing of the past?

The search engines that seem to have profited from Yahoo’s dip are Google, which added another 0.3% points and, surprisngly, Ask, which is also up 0.3% points. Do people actually still use Ask to search?

Microsoft’s Bing held steady last month at 15.9 percent in comScore’s rankings. These figures are for desktop searches only and do no take into account the growing market of smartphone/mobile searches. In fact, digital agency RKG released a report recentlyfinding that mobile searches accounted for drive 21% of overall organic search traffic in Q3.

In terms of total search volume goes, September was actually a quieter month than August. ComScore says about 16.3 billion searches were conducted in September, which is down about 4% from August. Of these searches, 10.9 billion were done on Google, and 2.6 billion were on Microsoft sites. Perhaps the London Olympics to attribute to the rise in searches in August and the decline in September.

Perhaps those in charge of Yahoo need to take a long hard look as to exactly why more and more people are flocking to Google by the millions.

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With Google and Bing leading the way Yahoo! is in trouble when it comes to search. However, Yahoo! is still a popular destination for news, so it may make sense for them to start shifting their focus.

By Nick Stamoulis - October 19, 2012

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