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Monday, May 3, 2010

Yahoo! CEO Attacks Google, Says They Are “Going to Have a Problem”

Posted by @ 8:10 pm

yahoo-ceoYahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz has come out and criticized Google’s business strategy in a recent interview with BBC news. Bartz said that Google is “going to have a problem because they are only known for search” when discussing Yahoo’s large network of sites and diversified brand image.

Here’s the unedited quote from BBC News,

“Google is going to have a problem because Google is only known for search,”
“It is only half our business; it’s 99.9% of their business. They’ve got to find other things to do. “Google has to grow a company the size of Yahoo every year to be interesting.”

It’s certainly a bizarre statement to make, especially when you consider Google’s had a huge amount of growth over the last year alone, with their share price rising over 35%. Not only that, but they are also doing many things outside of search, such as YouTube, Google Chrome and their Android mobile platform.

According to analysts like Neilsen and Hitwise, Yahoo is consistently ranked as one of the 5 largest sites on the internet. My guess is that Bartz made the comments to fend off questions about Yahoos core business strategy and brand image across their huge number of web properties.

There’s hasn’t been any response from Google in relation to the comments, but let us know what you think via the comments below!

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Discussion (3 - comments)

[...] the original here: Yahoo! CEO Attacks Google, Says They Are “Going to Have a Problem … Post a [...]

By Yahoo! CEO Attacks Google, Says They Are “Going to Have a Problem … - May 4, 2010

So what if Yahoo offers all these other services if Yahoo is incompetent at providing these services?

The arrogance of Yahoo never fails to amaze me. I have been doing search engine optimization for twelve years. Yahoo has always been a pain to deal with when any business problem arose. Customer support has always been horrible, and remains so today.

A client’s domain is expiring in several days. The domain is registered with Yahoo. Yahoo will allow only the person who registered the domain to renew the domain. The Web developer registered domain. She is incognito.

The client with the client email address is listed as the Administrative Contact. Yahoo will not allow the Administrative Contact to renew the domain. The domain uses the company name.

If there was any common sense at Yahoo, my client should not have these total roadblocks from Yahoo.

Carol Bartz, if you are reading this, fix your company! Until Yahoo becomes a business its customers can effectively deal with, it will always be a has-been.

By Larry Stopa - May 5, 2010

[...] to their home page by taking a swipe at Google’s minimal homepage design. The campaign is the second time Yahoo have attacked Google in recent weeks, after their CEO criticized Google’s business [...]

By New Yahoo Ad Campaign Takes Swipe at Google’s Home Page | ineedhits - May 10, 2010

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