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Monday, April 7, 2008

Yahoo! AMP! – Powering Up the Online Advertising Marketplace

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The Yahoo! Spin Doctors have been building the hype around the new advertising platform that Yahoo! hopes will “transform the online advertising industry by dramatically simplifying processes for advertisers, agencies, ad networks and publishers”.

AMP! by Yahoo! is a new advertising management platform that Yahoo! refers to as a stock market for online ads – be they search, display, local, mobile or video.

Yahoo!’s announcement comes remarkably well timed given Google’s recent private beta launch of Google Ad Manager – which provides publishers with a free web based ad management solution.

If the analogy can be drawn; AMP sounds like a combination of Google’s AdWords Platform and Google Ad Manager (which covers more media options and functionality than its AdSense service).

It’s debatable whether AMP! will provide Yahoo! with any short term ad market penetration given its initial roll out is scheduled for Q3 2008 – and even then, only to its members of its newspaper consortium.

Hilary Schneider, EVP, Global Partner Solutions, Yahoo!, shared this well versed marketing rhetoric in the AMP! press release:

“AMP! from Yahoo will enable advertisers and publishers to connect with each other and their exact target audiences across the increasingly fragmented Internet, in a way that’s not possible with current solutions. We believe AMP! will deliver a faster, easier, and more automated and integrated way to create, buy, and sell advertising and do so across a transparent global marketplace. And with the time saved, the industry can better focus on developing great creative.”

For a preview of the new ad platform, check out the video below:

While AMP! looks good, and promises a host of great features for its 4 core audiences (advertisers, publishers, ad networks and agencies), we’ll have to wait until the end of this year to see if it lives up to the hype.

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