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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Your PageRank May Have Dropped to Zero

Posted by @ 7:19 pm

If you’ve recently seen your toolbar PageRank disappear, you are not alone. SEO forums have been buzzing this week with speculation that Google finally disabled their Toolbar PageRank scores from working.

The good news is that PageRank is still alive in the Toolbar, however Google have changed the lookup URL.

The change means that third party PageRank tools (including my favourites) have been unable to pull PageRank data from Google servers. For the technically minded person, here’s the change Google made in their lookup URLs,

Old URL:


New URL:


Third party tools will continue to show a zero or N/A PageRank score until they update their lookup scripts. For the time being you can still use the Google Toolbar to get your PageRank fix.

It is also important to remember that the PageRank which is visible in the Google Toolbar is an older score and is not actually used in the current calculations for the ranking of your website. The last confirmed toolbar PageRank update was on the 27th June 2011 – so the current readings may be a few months out of date.

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By Why Your PageRank May Have Dropped to Zero | Business Review - October 12, 2011

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By Why Your PageRank May Have Dropped to Zero | World Top Template Forum - October 12, 2011

Sorry to say, neither link you gave is working. Am I missing something? Pam

By Pam Hunter Design - October 13, 2011

Those of us who use Firefox are a bit out of luck because Google Toolbar is only compatible with Firefox 4 and lower. The current version is 7.01 so it’s unlikely too many people can use it. After much searching, I found instructions to trick Firefox into letting you enable the Google toolbar despite the version number. It’s a bit of a pain in the butt, but if you want to see PR easily there’s not many other options right now. Here are the instructions:

Hope this helps some of you!

By Mike - October 14, 2011

[...] Why Your PageRank May Have Dropped to Zero [...]

By ineedhits Newsletter Archive » SEO News | Google’s GoMo Tool to Make Websites Mobile - November 9, 2011

Thank you for keeping me informed. I was so surprised when some sites were showing no page rank for my sites from google. Your article has given me the good news. Thanks Your the best.

By a2000greetings - November 20, 2011

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