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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Why Should I Do Paid Inclusion When I Can Get Included For Free?

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The biggest question that is ever asked regarding paid inclusion is “why would I do paid inclusion when I could be included for free“. The answer to this question is both simple and complex. Paid inclusion is not a viable option for every website – I am the first to admit that. However, it should not be written off for every website and set of circumstances.

Paid Inclusion Equals Search Engine Insurance
Paid inclusion can be thought of quite simply as a form of search engine insurance, as it is a subscription to the search engine index (or database). Generally the webmaster is paying for the URL(s) to be included in the index for a fixed period of time – the subscription period.

If your business relies on search engine traffic, then you cannot afford not to be in the index. Like having insurance for a rainy day.

Get Traffic Fast
Not only are you assured that your URL will be included in the index for the subscription period, your URL is included fast. Yahoo! Search Submit provides inclusion within the Yahoo! index with 3-5 days after editorial review. In many instances, the business case for doing paid inclusion can be justified by being included in a matter of days and not weeks using traditional submission methods. This is an easy Return on Investment (ROI) calculation.

Example: You’ve just launched a new product with a brand new product page and want to make sure it shows up in search engine results fast. If you wait for the next organic crawl, you could be waiting for weeks!

Delivering Quality Traffic Deep within a Site
With Search Submit Pro, the entire site can be indexed quickly and in a single feed. This ensures that all the pages are included and optimized. The advantage of this is that users can be delivered deep within a site at the most appropriate page to their search query.

The theory behind directing users to pages deep within a site is that conversion rates can be increased when you display content that is highly relevant to the search query. This is not a new theory by any stretch of the imagination and has been well proven in pay for placement campaigns.

Search Submit Pro assists in ensuring that the most relevant page (and not just the home page) is returned to the user in the organic search results, significantly increasing conversion.

Example: If a user is looking for a specific spare part for a printer, he’ll be much more likely to buy it from you if he lands on a page about buying this specific spare part, and not on a page where he can buy the printer in question.

If you answer yes to any of these questions below, then paid inclusion may be worthwhile looking into:

Q) Is your website new or currently not included in Yahoo!?

Q) Are all of your important pages included within the index?

Q) Do you go to bed at night worrying that the next Yahoo! update will see you drop from the index, taking your sales with it?

Further information regarding Yahoo! Search Submit is available ineedhits Search Submit site.

The next article in this series will highlight what information paid inclusion programs can provide to the savvy search engine marketer.

Note: This is part two of a multi part article.
Part 1: Paid Inclusion – The Forgotten Tool in the Search Engine Marketer’s Toolkit?

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