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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Whispers of Early Google PageRank Update

Posted by @ 5:58 pm

pragerankupdateWe know how much you all love it when Google updates their PageRank algorithm. Well, here is some more great news to wet your appetite.

There have been whisperings across the web about a new update, which actually comes less than one month after the last one. The May 2009 update took place on May 27th while it is reported that this current update started as early as June 23rd.

Most of the whisperings are coming from Webmaster World and DigitalPoint forums. Here is what some webmasters are reporting:

“Huh, I’m experiencing a new PR-Toolbar-Update – 26 days after the other?! Well, it’s definitely something changing here.”

“I just took a look at two sites; both have had a change in homepage PR according to my usual scores.”

“Confirmed… New site launched 1 month ago has PR of 2.”

“That was an early update. You can never guess what Google are going to do.”

Many publishers tend to use PageRank as a metric for judging the quality of their site. Also the PR score can give a good indication of the level of traffic you will receive from Google. The higher your ranking, then most likely the more traffic you will receive.

At this stage the whispers are just hearsay, as there has been no official word from Google on the update. However, Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal is buying into the hype:

As far as I can tell, the homepage PageRank for many of our S&S properties has not changed much, but we have seen a definite increase across the board in Google driven referrals which started last week. Could that increase in search referrals and this latest update be intertwined?

Has this update had an effect on your website’s PR score? Let us know in the comments section below.

Courtney Mills Courtney is an online marketing and communications specialist at ineedhits - a leading search engine marketing firm with over 16 years experience. Courtney has been living and breathing online marketing for over 5 years. She specializes in web and communication marketing, while providing news and opinion to online marketing communities.

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Discussion (7 - comments)

[...] more here: Whispers of Early Google PageRank Update Posted in News | Tags: 2009-update, a-new-update, across-the-web, after-the-last, appetite, [...]

By XkiD | Whispers of Early Google PageRank Update | - June 28, 2009

No update has taken place this month yet. The last update in May was not an update either it was a page ank reduction update not an actual update itself.

By James - June 29, 2009

I feel like I’ve been doing eveything right as far as SEO: Adding Content on a regular bases getting links to my site. In fact I’ve been in the Top 5 or better for many of my keywords in the SERPS on Google. Yet my Site saw a loss of PR. All of my traffic is organic – 90% Google. Hubspot WebsiteGrader has given my site a grade of 94. So I’m actually at a loss.

By Ken - June 29, 2009

I have noticed the page rank update on many of our clients site. The sites with the highest volume of contextual links received an update. However, the sites that remained updated went down in page rank. We have seen no corresponding increase or decrease in any rankings since the update.

By Shout SEO - June 30, 2009

I’ve seen a drop from 4 to 3 but all secnodary pages are now ranking 3 as well where before many were at 1-2.

By Ron - June 30, 2009

I am pretty new to websites, SEO and everything that is involved however what you are explaining sound right as just a week or so ago the first site I put up roughly 3 months ago now has a PR of 1. Maybe not very impressive but considering this is my first experience at building a website and putting SEO to work so not to bad I guess. The funny thing is I am not at all impressed with the website, it was my first experience and more for learning then anything, in fact i have been ignoring it for the most part as I move on to building new sites with the experience I have gained.
PR confuses me, lol, but I am thankful for articles such as this that always fill me full of good information.

By SimpleAdsense - June 30, 2009

Google had updated PR today . Got PR2 firectly for my site !!!!!!!!!

By Cigarest Samples - October 30, 2009

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