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Friday, April 15, 2011

Warning to Google: Bing to Control Search By 2012

Posted by @ 12:12 am

We might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, but the way Bing is increasing its search market share, it could well be the number one search engine in 2012.

According to a recent report from Hitwise, Bing dominated 30% of all searches conducted in the U.S. in March 2011. That’s an impressive 5% jump compared from February 2011 results.

Though Google still leads the market share with 64.2%, the search giant actually dropped 3% in March.

While these stats are good news for Microsoft, Google should be paying a lot of attention to these results. Its market share has been constantly dropping: from 69.7% in December to 68% in January to 66.7% in February to 64.4% in March.

Here is a comparative chart of Google and Bing’s market share in the last 6 months:

Image Source: Mashable

So what would happen if this trend continued? Check out the chart below. Looks like Bing will take the number one spot by January 2012.

Image Source: Mashable

Why is “search giant” Google seeing a decline in its market share? A WebmasterWorld forum discussion has many theories including the following from Brett Tabke:

Google has so screwed around with their serps this last year, that any alternative dependable and reliable that users can count on is going to gain share. Google has done something I didn’t think possible – they have broken the trust of the end user. While Bing has been busy showing that they are in it for the long haul and staying-the-course with a user experience that people are coming to trust.

I believe the reason for Google’s increase in market share is the fact that they have been playing around a lot with their SERPs over the last year. Such changes could have upset users who are looking for a more dependable and reliable source which Bing has been able to provide.

So while Google still controls two-thirds of the market, I think it should start getting concerned at Bing’s impressive market share growth.

Courtney Mills Courtney is an online marketing and communications specialist at ineedhits - a leading search engine marketing firm with over 16 years experience. Courtney has been living and breathing online marketing for over 5 years. She specializes in web and communication marketing, while providing news and opinion to online marketing communities.

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Discussion (9 - comments)

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By Warning to Google: Bing to Control Search By 2012 | RM2 Project - April 15, 2011

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By Anonymous - April 15, 2011

It is probably way too early to count Google out yet. But they are trying to put their hands in so many places and it would seem that diversification is costing them on search. However, you know Google won’t go down with a fight. Maybe we will end up with two dominant search engines that bust their rumps everyday to make search that much better. That would be a good thing.

The Bing App seems to be adding some kindling to the fire as well.

Chris Duncan
Jumbo CD Investments, Inc.

By ChrisCD - April 15, 2011

Google is definitely the father of all search engines today, but Bing has been making improvements to gain market share, especially in relation to local search. Bing just recent change in their local listings to the new Bing Business Portal has been gaining attention and is a great change in regards to small business.
Read up on how this change can help your business.

By Liz McFarland - April 17, 2011

I think Google shouldn’t be too worried – just yet!

By Anonymous - April 17, 2011

I think it’s a natural reaction whenever people are faced with one entity with too much influence. The latest Google dance which downgraded long-established sites in one fell-swoop may have been a wake-up call/backlash by many who feel Google wields too much power and who now seek an alternative.

By Jake - April 19, 2011

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The reason for Bing’s sudden growth, is the fact that is the default search engine for windows 7 and ie 9. Most people don’t know that they are searching on a different engine, let alone how to change the defaults back to Google.
This is the exact situation we’ve seen a few years ago with the anti-trust issues against the inclusion of internet explorer in the Microsoft installations.

By Louis - April 19, 2011

[...] Warning To Google: Bing to Control Search By 2012 — iNeedHits covered some news that may shock many in the marketing biz. You’ll have to read it to get the lowdown though. [...]

By DIYSEO – The Best Small Business Marketing News & Blog Posts of the Week – April 22, 2011 - April 28, 2011

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