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Monday, December 10, 2012

Video: How to Verify Google Webmaster Tools with HTML Meta Tag

Posted by @ 11:01 am

Google has just released a new video that is a how-to guide on verifying ownership of as website’s Google Webmaster Tools account using a HTML Meta tag.

As most of you may already know, Google Analytics can only be accessed by the Webmaster or the site owner. To ensure privacy & security and the fact that only a site’s owner gains access to such resources, there are various ways that are available to verify the ownership. Using the HTML Meta tag is one of the many ways to verify ownership.

The video has been released recently and unlike in past cases, this time the video features Google Webmaster Support Team Member Maile Ohye instead of favorite Matt Cutts. Maile explains the entire process of verifying the ownership using the HTML Meta tag in quite a bit of detail.

The process is quite simple and should be able to be done by any site owner irrespective of his or her knowledge about coding or website development. It takes barely a few minutes and if everything is done accurately as per Google’s protocols then the verification process can be completed in a day or even less than a day.

There are various ways to verify Google webmaster tools as is also shared by Maile in the video but the HTML Meta tag is the simplest of them. Most site owners today host their website using a certain service provider. In such scenarios, it is unlikely that the owner would have instant access to the server and other resources. This only offers few avenues to verify the webmaster tools.With the HTML Meta tag, one doesn’t need access to any servers or any specific software. It can be done using the computer and having access to internet.

While the process is fast and simple, Maile stresses that it is important to follow the instructions exactly provided by Google in order to prevent any errors.

With the new method of Google webmaster tools verification of an owner with HTML Meta tag, webmasters are also able to add or remove other owners or people with authorization easily and without any need to repeat the entire process or go through any other lengthy verification.

You can watch Maile’s how-to video in full below.

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