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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Video: How to Identify Unnatural Links Pointing to Your Website

Posted by @ 6:43 pm

Google has recently shed some more light on unnatural links that lead to your own website and the consequences on your Google ranking.

Unnatural links are often from untrusted websites which could results in content that is potentially hazardous to your website. Backlinking is good, however, you must use links to reputable services.

So, how do you know where to locate links on your website that are “unnatural”?

“Mr Google” Matt Cutts shared some advice in a recent YouTube video including examples of unnatural links to avoid, including:

  • Too many widget links
  • Keyword-rich anchor text links
  • Article directories
  • Paid links

The tools available that Matt outlines within the video regarding page ranking will help you to understand the best, and safest, way to input the right links into your website’s content. The first stop will be Google Webmaster Tools.

Matt also mentions that Google will soon be begin supplying example links that were detected as being un-trustworthy.

A feature that we’re working on and that we are in the process of rolling out, which I’m pretty excited about, is that we will basically give you examples. So as we’re building the incident, whenever a webmaster analyst is saying ‘OK, these are links not to trust,’ we’ll include an example link. You might get one, you might two, you might get three, but basically it will give you an idea of the sorts of links that we are no longer trusting.

Check out the video below for more details and advice from Matt.

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