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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Video: Google’s Plan to Eradicate Bad Ads

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With billions of ads submitted to Google each year, it would be quite a task to keep track of them all to ensure that they are following the Google advertising policies.

However, Google’s ad engineers are up to the challenge and they shared in a recent video how they find and remove spammy ads.

In the video (see below), Google’s Head of Ad Policy Engineering, David Baker, explains that Google’s aim with advertising is to ensure they provide the least intrusive and best ads to users. Ultimately they aim to deliver the right ads when the user wants them and never show harmful ads.

So when a scam ad is found, Google doesn’t just ban the ad, they ban the advertiser altogether from working with Google ever again. Ouch – take this as an official warning! In 2011, Google shut down 800,000 advertisers for violating Google’s advertising policies.

How does Google find the ads that violate their policies?

Well as Baker explains in the video, it isn’t a simple process:

With billions of ads submitted to Google every year, we use a combination of sophisticated technology and manual review to detect and remove these sorts of ads. We spend millions of dollars building technical architecture and advanced machine learning models to fight this battle.

Our automated systems also scan and review landing pages—the websites that people are taken to once they click—as well as advertiser accounts. When potentially objectionable ads are flagged by our automated systems, our policy specialists review the ads, sites and accounts in detail and take action.

Here are some of the improvements Google has made to this automated detection system of late:

  • Improved “query watch” for counterfeit ads: While anyone can report counterfeit ads, we’ve widened our proactive monitoring of sensitive keywords and queries related to counterfeit goods which allows us to catch more counterfeit ads before they ever appear on Google
  • New “risk model” to detect violations: Our computer scanning depends on detailed risk models to determine whether a particular ad may violate our policies, and we recently upgraded our engineering system with a new “risk model” that is even more precise in detecting advertisers who violate our policies
  • Faster manual review process: Some ads need to be reviewed manually. To increase our response time in preventing ads from policy-violating advertisers, we sped up our internal processes and systems for manual reviews, enabling our specialists to be more precise and fast
  • Twenty-four hour response time: We aim to respond within 24 hours upon receiving a reliable complaint about an ad to ensure that we’re reviewing ads in a timely fashion

How can you avoid having your ad banned by Google?

Google encourages all advertisers to review the Google advertising policies before submitting an ad, because once your ad has been banned, you wont be allowed to advertise again.

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[...] Video: Google’s Plan to Eradicate Bad Ads Mar 22nd, 2012No Comments [...]

By Video: Google’s Plan to Eradicate Bad Ads « Miami Beach Web Designer - March 22, 2012

I’ve heard that they, even – and scarily enough – erase even users, who haven’t clicked on their own ads, but where there “might be a risk” that they do it. Hilariously and frightening.

By Simon - March 23, 2012

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