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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Video: Google Reads Each and Every Reconsideration Request

Posted by @ 9:20 pm

Google Software Engineer and head of the Web Spam Team, Matt Cutts recently presented a video, answering a long standing question webmasters have had about Google’s enigmatic reconsideration requests—yes, Google reads and responds to all reconsideration requests submitted by webmasters.

Reconsideration requests stem from Google’s strict Webmaster Guidelines, a set of rules in place to ensure all webmasters are following conditions that will make their websites feature rich and relevant content, in addition to being safe for users to browse. Websites who pass the guidelines are listed within Google’s index and search results, while sites that don’t pass the guidelines get penalized, removed from both search results and index.

Webmasters who have, unfortunately, noticed that their websites haven’t been appearing within regular Google search results or have had their website display poor results more than once, can ask Google to reconsider their site through what’s known as a reconsideration request.

Over the years, Google has worked to improve the reconsideration process for webmasters. Previous attempts to contact Google had webmasters receiving a conformation email informing them that Google received their request; additional changes to the contacting system added a second email to inform webmasters that they were processing their request.

During the past year, Google started experimenting with the way they handle most requests. However, this didn’t stop webmasters from harboring a concern about whether or not a human was handling their requests.

In the video posted last week, Cutts discussed whether or not Google reconsideration requests are automated or not. Cutts answered the question, stating that “although we [Google] don’t have the time to individually reply with in great detail, all reconsideration requests are looked at by a human being.”

He then went on to say that, “that real humans are looking at each reconsideration request, generating the response that you read back.”

You can watch the video in full here.

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