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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Video: AdWords Customers Don’t Get Special Organic Rankings

Posted by @ 7:38 pm

A common query for many webmasters centers on whether Google AdWords customers are given special privileges to raise their organic search engine rankings simply because they are a “paying” Google customer.

Just last week, this myth was debunked by Google’s Web Spam boss Matt Cutts who denied that AdWords customers got special treatement in the organic rankings.

During a Google Webmaster Help Youtube Q&A session in October 2012, a Dublin user asked the following question:

I am an important AdWords customer and recently I have seen a drop in the ranking for my site. Why can’t I get advice on optimizing my site for Google’e search results through my AdWords point of contact?

Cutts, in his answer, assured viewers that Google would like all users to utilize the “exact same support channels” as everyone else on the Internet, guaranteeing that each AdWords user isn’t exposed to any case of perceived favoritism while using the service. The Google sales and quality teams have been trained to ensure the lines aren’t blurred so that they don’t give out any special advice to one particular advertiser over another. Their aim is to be as fair as possible to both paying advertisers and webmasters.

He also reiterated that the algorithms Google uses to generate search engine ranking results remain the same for each webmaster that chooses to optimize their website for Google’s services. Cutts, in particular, empathized that while some users may harbor ‘conspiracy theories’ about Google’s algorithmic process, people that use AdWords don’t get ‘special treatment’ or ‘points of contact’ just because they happen to use a paid Google service.

Here is the video, so you can see Matt’s advice yourself.

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