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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two New Google Ad Formats Available for Mobile

Posted by @ 11:41 pm

Google recently announced the extension of two desktop ad formats to the mobile platform; Product Extension Ads and Product Local Ads.

Google hopes these ads will help advertisers meet the requirements of mobile shoppers who are increasingly turning to mobile searches for all shopping related activities, from product info to comparing prices and locating the store as well.

Since most shoppers are searching for product information while they are in the store the ‘Product Extension Ads’ feature allows advertisers to easily display relevant product images and details in their search ads that will drive mobile shoppers to make a purchase. Advertisers can enable the Product Extension Ads feature by linking their Google Merchant Center account to their AdWords campaign. If a user enters a search query related to your product, they will see mobile ads with the product image, titles and prices appearing in a plus box below the ad.

The Product Local Ads feature is an enhanced version of the Product Extension Ads, which helps users know the real time availability of a product in their nearby local stores in addition to the product image and price within the same mobile ad. 34% of the mobile shoppers, who are ready to make a purchase, use their phones to locate a store in an area. So advertisers can make good use of the Product Local Ads feature by making themselves visible on the search results with key information on the availability of their products.

Currently available as a limited beta, Product Local Ads users will need to submit their products stock inventory to Google through their Google Merchant Account and business information through their Google Places account.  Below is an example of how the Prodct Local Ads now appear on a mobile device.

As explained by Google’s Surojit Chatterjee, the Product Extensions Ads are currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Australia on mobile devices with full Internet browser. The Product Local Ads are available in the United States at the moment.

If implemented effectively these two features can help retailers achieve their goal of driving more customers to their stores and converting mobile searches to in-store purchases.

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