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Monday, August 12, 2013

Twitter Launches Universal Search

Posted by @ 4:56 pm

Just when you think Twitter is as perfect and complete as it could possibly be, the website decided to roll out a brand new feature to surprise their users even more.

Twitter is referring to this new feature as the universal search results. The goal of this new feature is to make Twitter more up to par with what mobile users expect and want from the website based on what they get from other websites.

What is New with The Twitter Search Feature?
There were three major changes that Twitter decided to make to their search panel results. First of all, usernames (accounts) are not going to be mixed into regular search results. Photographs are not going to show up in the search results. There are also new filters attached to the new universal search tool for Twitter users who want to filter their search results. The search results can now be filtered by people.

That is actually not the only change that Twitter made to their search tool on the website. After you click on their search bar a menu is going to pop up with recent searches that other users have conducted. The menu is also going to save a list of your past searches as well. The saved searches are not a new feature, but Twitter did what they could to make it easier for the user to see and find.

Twitter also added what they are referring to as social context to their new search engine tool. This feature is simply going to tell you what relation you have to the people that you are searching for. Basically, this means it will tell you whether or not you are already following them.

Have you found the new features useful?

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