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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Think Google Has Penalized Your Site? Find Out Here!

Posted by @ 3:39 pm

Having your site penalized by Google can be one of the biggest problems for your site in its efforts to be seen in the SERP’s – exposure in the world’s most popular search engine is a must.

Recent discussion from Google users has centered around ways in which webmasters can tell whether their site is being penalized by Google.

To help you discover if Google is penalizing your site, here are some of the comments and suggestions to come out of the discussion:

“Google says that if you search on your domain name and it doesn’t appear at or near the top of the results, it’s a sign of a penalty. On sites penalized for selling links, the internal pages will all show gray bar in the Toolbar PageRank meter, which will often be reflected in poorer rankings sitewide.”

“Occasionally they do notify, but I think for real simple stuff like hidden text. I have never heard of a letter to anyone for selling links or other more complicated issues.”

“Past performance is also not indicative of future returns. Things do age, become less relevant as time passes and trends change, new sites are put up every day, link graphs are constantly being updated, old stuff starts to fail. One of the most annoying thing to me is when someone says that they’ve always been #1 or #2 for the last 3 years, didn’t change a thing, and the site has always had 350 keyword stuffed navigation links stuck at the bottom of every page so that can’t be the problem. While their site has been sitting there collecting dust Google has updated its ranking methods a few thousand times and 10′s of millions of new sites, billions of new pages, have been introduced.”

“If outranks you for your domain name, you’ve got problems and it probably has something to do with links, how you manipulated them, got them, or distributed them.”

If you would like to read more of the discussion around this topic, then check out the Google Groups thread here.

In the end, it can be hard to determine whether your site has been penalized. Google are very unlikely to ever send you a nice little letter informing you of the penalties, instead you just need to keep on top of your site and use some the suggestions above. Good luck!


Courtney Mills Courtney is an online marketing and communications specialist at ineedhits - a leading search engine marketing firm with over 16 years experience. Courtney has been living and breathing online marketing for over 5 years. She specializes in web and communication marketing, while providing news and opinion to online marketing communities.

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Discussion (3 - comments)

Since the day I have been receiving news from ineedhits, I always current but I have not been seen any traffic for my Adsense. What can I do to generate traffic for my Google Adsense.

By OTUNBAMCAN - December 23, 2008

Thanks for the useful post. Well, there seems to be many different kinds of penalties like being pushed down by three pages, ten pages – though the pagerank is not changed. It’s time that somebody develops a tool to check whether a site has been penalized and what kind of penalty could be imposed on it. It could be a great challenge as the program would need to emulate how Google penalty algorithm.

By Google Success - December 26, 2008

It’s funny to me that in an industry where the little guy supposedly has the same chances as the conglomerates and choice and freedom is cherished over monopolies and cyber dictatorships – where yahoo was spanked as a “political” statement years ago by techies who MADE google what it is today – we have embraced google unquestionably. This despite their semingly unfair practices, inaccurate accusations and random decisions to include or exclude businesses. They have more money than anyone, they do what they want, they treat us poorly and we accept this as if the gods themselves have sanctioned their existence. We all know companies who have been kicked off for “click fraud” erroneously. We all know companies that break all googles rules yet continue to get top rankings. WE all know numerous stories of unfairness and random banning yet we continue to promote them and make them rich. I thought the internet was a different paradgm, but in the end I guess we all just throw our principles out the window if we preceive that we can make a buck. Every dog has it’s day. Personally I’d be interested in seeing who the next dog is.

By Anonymous - January 21, 2009

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