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Monday, September 5, 2005

The Value of Links

Posted by @ 12:10 am

Most search engine marketers would sell their left leg to obtain a link from a PR (page rank) 8 or plus site, or to obtain a large number of inbound links.

What about if you were given the choice between:

  1. Obtaining 10 inbound links from a variety of different sites that have a low PR; or
  2. A single link from a high PR on-topic website.

Which option would you choose? The answer is of course, both! Especially seeing that as search enginer marketers we want it all!

Both are important. Incoming links are used by search engines to help determine the importance of your website. This is an overly simplistic overview of the Google Page Rank system. In general, the more links you have coming in the more important your site is.

If you are marketing a new website then any incoming link is a good link (within reason of course). Incoming links are a factor in assisting with getting your website indexed initially and complement submission. They also assist in improving your ranking (all other factors being equal).

If you have an existing website with a number of incoming links, then chasing an on-topic link is going to serve your search engine marketing needs better. On topic means a site which is on a similar topic to yours and such, shares a similar set of keywords.

Update 8th August 2005

Thanks to everyone for all the comments – both positive and the not-so-positive comments. I do not see any feedback as bad feedback, if we at ineedhits, use it to improve.

We are currently experimenting with the quanity of information that is provided with each article. A few people felt that I tended to make my articles a bit too long. As such, this linking article was broken into several sections.

I have now released the second part of this article called When a Link turns into a Noose! Further releases are coming soon.

Please keep the comments coming as to how we can improve our delivery of information to you.

Thanks – Warren Duff

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Discussion (6 - comments)

Not really much info here pretty boring stuff.I thought I would see some good infomation but alas….

By Anonymous - September 6, 2005

And wasting our time by promoting this content-less article on the weekly newsletter

By Anonymous - September 6, 2005

I would have to agree with the others. Perhaps Warren, you were unaware that other SEO’s would be looking at this text.

It does not say anything that has not been said in a hundred other places.

Try digging a little deeper Warren.

Here is an interesting trick. Take your blog, make it an rss feed ( not hard with blogger ) then put it up on your own and They allow you to add rss feeds.

This is not entirely new but why it might work has never been discussed in terms of PR, only in terms of yahoo and msn bots that come racing over to your site near immediately.

Its quite possible that having the google toolbar on your browser, while visiting your own and may allow google to see a link from two PR8+ sites back to your own.

By KnowledgeableIdiot - September 6, 2005

I agree with all 3 comments before. Anyway, it was a newsletter 1-2 weeks ago, containing a article on the same topic. As this one, the last had no relevance, whatsoever.

By alpenzoo - September 6, 2005

I am new to web design and search engines ect. so your article was useful to me. even the smallest amount of info is helpful to those in my position ( a new web site owner).

By Anonymous - September 7, 2005

anonymous haters suck

By elprezidente - May 22, 2007

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