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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Importance of an Enhanced Google Local Business Listing

Posted by @ 11:19 pm

The other day I was chatting to a friend of mine from West Seneca, New York and he shared with me his experience using Google Local to find a pest control business in his area. It really highlights the growing importance of Local Search and the real value of an enhanced listing for local businesses.

He said he went to Google Local and typed in “Pest Control West Seneca, New York” and was presented with 10 pest control companies in the area. He clicked on the first company “Good Riddance Pest Control & Water Damage Restoration” and was shown all the information he needed including all their services, what they specialize in, payment methods accepted, when the business was started, contact details and even some customer reviews which helped him make a decision to the company. I reproduced his search and here’s a screenshot of what he saw.

Tom said that he also checked a few of the other businesses listed on the first page to see what information they provided. I have summarized the information presented on a few of the other listings on the first page.

As the other pest control companies had minimal information available on Google Local, he decided to go with the “Good Riddance Pest Control & Water Damage Restoration”.

As local search continues its amazing growth it is even more important that businesses have an enhanced local listing in the major local search engines. As is evident from my friend’s experience detailed above, the more information you provide in your listing, the better your chance of getting business from Local Search. Stay tuned for more information on local search as I continue to probe into the search phenomenon.

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