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Friday, February 17, 2012

Survey: Google Users Don’t Like Personalized Search

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We knew it would take long… Google has landed in even more controversy with its new personalized search initiative “Search Plus Your World”.

The service, which was unveiled just last month, has already received some stern criticism from various online privacy communities and SEO/webmasters groups. Now a poll by market researcher, Ask Your Target Market, has found that most people don’t actually like the personalized results generated by Search Plus Your World and would prefer standard search results.

What do people not like about Search Plus Your World?

  1. Their Personal data being displayed on Google search results too often
  2. Users want to see results out of Google properties, even if it comes from their trusted circle of friends

Here are the results of the survey:



The search results generated by SPYW are greatly influenced and determined by a user’s friend circle and their opinion about the search query, on various Google properties. The main accusation that Google faces is by giving results from its own properties more importance over information from other, perhaps more relevant publishers, Google is in a way manipulating the search world by not only squeezing out the small publishers but also not living up to the claim of providing transparent and quality results.

Although this poll data clearly indicates a pretty strong negative reaction towards Google’s ‘more personalized search results’ dream, it is important to point out that this is just one survey and it’s not clear how representative the survey population was of the entire US adult population. People always react to a change with an element of negativity and suspicion but often they come to appreciate it over time. So it would also be interesting to see how the same group of surveyed population responds to Google’s personalization of search results after a couple of months.

The main takeaway from this survey is that Bing could be in a winning position, as it is the only search engine that has explicit deals to access data from both social networking giants Facebook and Twitter and its probably time it takes advantage of this situation while Google engages in another uphill battle.

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