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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sneak Peak: New Yahoo! Search Pad – Battling Google on a New Front

Posted by @ 7:28 pm

The team at Yahoo! have started testing a new feature in their search engine that aims to help better organize user’s web based research.

Titled “Search Pad“, the new functionality will be seen as a direct play against Google’s recently deceased Notepad service. As the release blog suggests:

“If you’ve ever used a search engine as a tool to help plan a vacation, research a purchase, or find health information on an illness, you know how difficult it is to keep track of the relevant websites and notes you find. Today, we are testing a new feature called Search Pad(TM) to help users effortlessly capture websites that they find on Yahoo! Search and organize that information to complete important tasks.”

Search Pad sounds like bookmarking, web annotation and content sharing cleverly repackaged and re-branded as something new and ground breaking. I’m not so convinced on its mass appeal.

So what are the benefits for Yahoo!? These tools aim to create stickiness around a service. If visitors start using Search Pad to collect their research – they’re less likely to move to another search engine given they’ll lose the previous research they gathered.

While this all bows well for Yahoo! keeping existing users, given its lack of market share, it’s not likely to address the real issue of catching Google. It’s a band aid trying to heal a much bigger injury.

For those of you wanting to see what Search Pad will offer…check out this sneak peak video, as the test is restricted to a limited number of users at this stage.

Yahoo! Search Pad Preview @ Yahoo! Video

What do you think of the Search Pad idea? Is it the sort of service that would add value to your search experience? share your thoughts below…

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Discussion (1 - comment)

Sounds like a good idea, I use Notepad or sometimes Google notepad to do the same thing. I’d like somehting like a tick box and maybe a comment box alongside each result so I can collect them and make sense of the links later on.

By hugh - February 10, 2009

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