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Thursday, August 13, 2009

SES Future Casting: Google Predicts The Future of Search Advertising

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It’s been a busy week of keynotes, panels and discussions at the Search Engine Strategies conference over in San Jose this week.

One of the best parts of such conferences is when our “industry heads” look into their crystal balls and share their vision for the future.

My posts this week dissect the two key future casts from the SES conference that caught my attention.


First up is Google’s Sneak Peak into their vision for Search Advertising.

We’ve seen a major shift towards SEO from our clients as the economic conditions have tightened. Whilst sometimes more expensive upfront, most see it as a sensible long term marketing investment.

So with budgets potentially shifting from PPC (Google AdWords) to SEO, I was keen to hear Google’s thoughts on the future.

Google’s AdWords Business Product Management Director (that’s quite a title), Nicholas Fox, gave a keynote speech which highlighted where Google see search advertising heading.

Whilst he confirmed that Search Advertising is still about 3 key things (the holy trinity of Google’s business),

  1. Keywords
  2. Text Ads
  3. Cost per click

…Google’s vision is about search advertising that goes beyond keywords. It’s an advertising program that manages itself.

What if we turned the problem around though? What if you told us what you’re trying to sell and who you were, and we matched that to the right set of queries from our users.

They’re also “exploring new approaches that have no keywords at all” in an effort to “get better at connecting users with advertisers“.

Google’s also working hard towards cracking the cost per acquisition model. Understanding that marketing is primarily about delivering sales – they understand that businesses need conversions – not just traffic.

Whilst much of what Nicholas discusses seems a distant future, if you think how quickly Google “revolutionized” online advertising – the keyword less search advertising model might be closer than we think.

Feel free to digest the whole presentation by listening to the podcast below.

Here’s a podcast of the presentation:

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Discussion (1 - comment)

I thought Cost per click is ok. But it derives traffic not the real and unique visitors. You can get unique visitors by genuine SEO process.

By SEO - August 17, 2009

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