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Friday, October 21, 2011

September Search Share: Google Up, Yahoo! Down and Bing Flat

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ComScore has released the search engine market share reports for September of 2011 and here’s the rundown….

Yahoo’s share is at a record low, Microsoft’s is lying flat and Google continues to edge ahead of all its competitors.


In August, Google actually lost market share while Yahoo! gained, so the tides have turned in September.

Here are the numbers:

  • Google: 65.3 % (vs. 64.8 % in August 2011)
  • Yahoo: 15.5 % (vs. 16.3 % in August)
  • Bing: 14.7 % (flat vs. August)
  • Ask: 3.0% (flat vs. August)
  • AOL: 1.5 % (vs. 1.3% in August)

According to Macquarie Equities Research, Yahoo’s 15.5% share “was its lowest level ever according to our dataset.” Perhaps this statistic is an even stronger reason to believe the recent rumors that the Yahoo! board is willing to sell the company to the highest bidder.

Since it’s inception a couple of year back, Microsoft’s Bing search engine has struggle to make any gain on Google and experts believe this trend will continue. Here is how Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst with ZK Research, sees the situation between Google and Bing:

I see Bing doing a lot of advertising now and that has raised the awareness of it. People do like to try something new. But Google is flat out the fastest and most accurate search engine today. Bing will need to do something completely new with search to gain ground. And Google will need to slip up. Both of those seem unlikely.

Americans conducted 19.3 billion searcher in September and you can expect this figure to rise even higher in October, November and December as the holiday season begins.

Despite joining forces last year, Microsoft and Yahoo have struggled to erode Google’s dominance in search. I wonder if we will ever see this take a turn? Will we ever see the partnership between Yahoo! and Microsoft cause some serious headaches for Google? At this stage, it certainly doesn’t look like it.


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By September Search Share: Google Up, Yahoo! Down and Bing Flat | Business Review - October 21, 2011

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