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Thursday, June 11, 2009

SEO Tips for New Website Design

Posted by @ 9:59 pm

top-ranking-seoAlthough we optimize many websites which have already been constructed, we often get asked for tips on what a business owner should be requesting from their web designer, if they are redesigning their website. Below are the top 7 features to ask for which will help your website become SEO friendly from day 1.

1) Ensure your URL’s are keyword rich and avoid dynamic URL’s which normally contain characters such as “?, % or =”. The URL of a Nike shoe model for example should look something like

2) Ensure your copy and navigation is text based and not an image. An easy way to check this is by trying to highlight the text on your web page and copy/paste it into an editor such as word. If you can edit the word that you have pasted in your editor, it means the search engine can also read it and index that content accordingly.

3) Ensure your images have ALT Tags. This is basically an explanation of what the image is as Search Engine crawlers can not easily recognize images.

4) Ensure a sitemap is included in your web design and linked from your homepage. This enables search engines to navigate your whole site. XML sitemaps are also a great way to inform search engines of all of your web pages.

5) Avoid websites with frames. Search engine crawlers have trouble navigating these and hence don’t give you the SEO power from your content.

6) Avoid an over reliance on flash in websites. Search engines cannot adequately categorize the flash content. If you really can’t do without flash, ensure you create a html version of your website also.

7) If buying a website with a CMS, make sure you have access to altering the Title and Meta Tags, as well as adding text on the web page itself. You would be surprised how many CMS systems don’t even allow these features which can help with the ranking of your website.

By having as many of the above features readily available, it will ensure that you have built a solid foundation which can allow an SEO company to optimize your website for much better results. For top 20 guaranteed results I suggest the ineedhits Premium SEO service.

Peter Gavalas Peter has been with ineedhits since 2003. Within that time he has been involved in sales, customer service, product development and now is the VP of Channels and Alliances. Peter has a passion in providing affordable, online marketing solutions for small businesses and thus helping them succeed online.

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Discussion (5 - comments)

[...] the rest here:  SEO Tips for New Website Design Posted in SEO, Web Design | Tags: avoid-dynamic, help-your, should-look, their-website-, [...]

By XkiD | SEO Tips for New Website Design | - June 11, 2009

Article says customers should have ability to change Title tags. How do you decide when it’s worth having the old page title index and rank lost?

By jo - July 4, 2009

You never lose a ranking completely, however you have the ability to alter the content of the page to be more relevant to what you are trying to promote. By having this option, you or your SEO company can use this to help increase ranking on your desired keywords.

By Peter Gavalas - July 5, 2009

Hi everyone.
Quick question: What’s better for a website that needs increase in traffic?
a) Change the title meta tag, or
b) Leave the title meta-tag as is, and change body text?

What are your thoughts on Title meta tags in terms of SEO? Same for every page, or different?
Please reply.

By Patelligence - July 7, 2009

Content is king so of course this should include the keyword phrases you are targeting, however the Title tag also provides some great ranking benefits.

Your title tag should reflect the contents of the web page and can also contain the general theme. For example if you were an online florist delivering in California and that web page was about red roses, an example of an effective title tag could be as follows:

“Red Roses, ABC Flowers, Quality Florist California”

It is most effective to set the title of each page to the content of it.

By Peter Gavalas - July 10, 2009

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