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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Searchers Demand Top 10 Rankings – Don’t be Ignored

Posted by @ 4:54 pm

You’ve all heard it before, a top 10 listing on the search engines is vital because 48 per cent of users don’t look past the first page!

Guess what? – It’s much worse!

A new report out suggests internet users are getting more impatient, and now a whopping 68 per cent of users make their choice from the top 10!

The study, tabled by Yahoo!, iProspect and JupiterResearch, paints a dark picture for website owners who are siting below the top 10 results! Theoretically, they are only exposing their sites to 32% of searchers by sitting off the first page.

Can you believe that 23% of searchers change their query or switch search engines if they don’t find what they’re looking for in the first few results? So Top 3 is where you really “need” to be.

And if traffic and exposure alone aren’t enough to motivate your continued SEO efforts, the report also suggests that 39% of users believe that companies with top search engine placement are key players in their industry.

So if you placed your SEO on the backburner, or are wondering whether search advertising is useful for your business – this report highlights how important first page exposure on search engines like Google and Yahoo! is for your business.

Rene LeMerle Rene is the marketing manager of - a global search engine marketing company. He also leads the marketing for - a web 2.0 style community for online and digital marketers. Rene has been in the industry since 1997 with much of that time spent helping businesses embrace the best of the internet and digital world.

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Discussion (1 - comment)

Fortunately, that can only be good news for me, as my Horror Thriller website is in the top five of every major search engine out there.

What’s more, even my sections are important enough to be in the top five of their categories as well!

The only thing I have done to get there is to pay strict attention to exactly what the various major search engines suggested doing. That and my many visitors, for which I’m grateful.

Do a search on Horror Thriller, that’s me at the top.

By Feo Amante - May 30, 2008

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