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Monday, July 5, 2010

Search Snippets | Weekly Search Engine Wrap – 5th July 2010

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  • NEWS

Taking off with ITA – New Google Acquisition

Google has acquired ITA, a software company that specializes in managing airline data to bolster its airline search offering.

Extra! Extra! Google News redesigned to be more customizable and shareable

Google news gets an official homepage overhaul designed to make the news that you see more relevant to you.

Sitemaps: One file, many content types

Google has now started accepting sitemaps that include details of various media types such as video, images etc. this is a major move fro those of you focused on Universal SEO.

Google Error Allowed BP To Violate Ad Guidelines

Seems that BP’s recent public relations initiatives via Google AdWords were in violation of Google’s guidelines. Many of the ads failed to display an accurate destination URL – did Google turn a blind eye due to revenue or the fact the destination was YouTube?

WordPress Introduces Post By Voice

Seems the days of long winded blogging might be behind us. WordPress have released a new feature where you can post new contact by calling a new phone service.

Microsoft: Ad Rank on Yahoo and Bing Will Be the Same

Microsoft have posted a range of new FAQs that provide answers to some of the lesser known details of the new Search Alliance with Yahoo!. including details on AdRank, advertising placement, timing and more.

Google Shows Webmasters More Links In Webmaster Tools

The caffeine update appears to have improved Google’s ability to track links. So now your link counts in the Google webmast er area should be showing larger numbers – hopefully!

  • Tips & Tools

PPC Tips for the Small Business Owner

If you’re looking to start up a PPC campaign, here’s some of the basics to help you get started from the SEJ team.

Getting Your Business Reviewed

Reviews are increasingly important for small businesses in terms of generating more business and also optimizing local campaigns, so find out how to get your business reviewed.

Diagnose Keyword Issues with New AdWords Feature

A new keyword diagnosis tool has been added to the Adwords interface which gives advertisers detailed information about multiple keywords, making it easier to see the issues with campaigns from a keyword level.

Yahoo Publishes Online Style Guide As Printed Book, Gives SEO Advice

Yahoo! is about to release the “The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, and Creating Content for the Digital World.” While it wont be the firist book of its kind, it’ll hopefully provide some updated guidelines to writing online.

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establishing where our sites sit in the major search engines for their nominated keywords …

By Drop Ship Guide - July 10, 2010

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