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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Search Snippets | Weekly Search Engine Wrap – 19th July 2010

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Google Acquires Metaweb For Smarter Search Results

Google has acquired Metaweb (for an undisclosed amount) in an effort to improve its algorithm smarter. It’s Metaweb’s “freebase” that’s at the core of this move. Watch this space to see how Google integrates Metawebs smarts.

Local Merchants Utilizing Social Media More as Confidence Remains Flat

New report out by Merchantcircle highlights that local merchants are turning to social media even though sentiment remains flat? The lure of free advertising at play.

Yahoo Answers Gets Major Search Upgrades, Email Alerts

The world’s top Answers / Q&A website, Yahoo! Answers, is getting a long overdue search enhancement. The search facilities have long been regarded as inadequate, so the improvements will be welcomed by it’s large base of users.

Bing Continues Growth, Ad Impressions & Clicks Way Up: Report

Bucking the trend, Bing has seen solid growth in its ad impressions and ad clicks, while Yahoo! and Google have seen decline according to Efficient Frontier.

Where you Point Your Mouse May Influence Google Search Rankings, Advertisement Placement, and Oneboxes

Bill Slawski explores one of Google’s new patents where the search giant is exploring how users move their mouse across the search results to help guide their SERP layout and rankings.

Google Fiber for Communities Site Debuts

Google’s plans to roll out high speed less expensive internet to all has taken a major step forward with the roll out of the new “Google Fiber for Communities” website.

Twitter Gives Users Visibility in Search Results

Twitter has now started showing names in search results, give users important visibility online. It’s also more important to manage twitter with your reputation management in mind.

Facebook Ads…Instantly

Don’t have time or the creativity to produce engaging Facebook ads, then this new feature might be for you. It automatically creates ads based on the content of the destination URL. Is that good or bad?

Chitika: Mobile Users 45% More Likely To Search Locally

Online advertising network Chitka have highlighted the propensity for search to be localised from mobiles. Seem fairly obvious right? But it matter when you consider how your promoting your small business.

SEO Tops Digital Marketing Tactics for 2011

It might be hard to believe with all the hype around social media, but Lee Odden’s recent survey highlights what we’re already seeing – that SEO is the primary focus for most businesses in the coming year/s.

Google Announces Partnerships with Ford and General Motors

Google has announced that their Google Maps “Send to Car” service has been extended to Ford and GM vehicles. Send to Car allows users to send business listing information to their cars for easy navigation on the road.

Google Keyword Targeting Tool Launches Globally

Google has released its “broad match modifier tool” to the rest of the world after a successful beta test. The tool helps users create keywords that have broader reach but with more control.

Google Lands Omnicom As Display Ad Partner

Google’s display drive gathers steam. They’ve just partnered with Omnicom who will now include Google’s display inventory in their clients campaigns.


How to Write Keyword Focused Articles and Posts About Timely Topics

Creating fresh content is important for your SEO campaigns, but we often lose track of our keyword focus in favour of trying to be clever or gimmicky. Michael Gray shows you how to stay on track!

How to Know When Your Site Needs SEO Before Social Media

Everyone’s talking about social media as the “new, must-have” marketing strategy. But for many businesses, the bright lights of social media are proving to be a distraction from a more important opportunity through SEO. Find out whether you need SEO over SMO.

The Top 10 Free PPC Tools

There’s nothing like free PPC and SEO tools, and the ever trusty team at Search Engine Journal have delivered a great list of PPC tools to help you research and set up your campaigns.

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