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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Search Engines and Technology:: Return of the Browser Wars?

Posted by @ 3:36 am

What I like about Search Engine Marketing is the facts and figures. The campaigns that are run generate real numbers and real results – no focus group studies with Search Engine Marketing. It is either performing or it is not.

ineedhits recommends Hitslink for measuring the performance of customer’s Search Engine Marketing Campaigns. Hitslink have provided some interesting stats from their entire customer base, which has shown that the FireFox browser has clawed it’s way to take 8% of the market in May, at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. IE still has the largest installed base with 87%.

Many people would remember the now infamous battle between Netscape and Microsoft to win the browser market back in the late 90s. It is history now that Microsoft IE became the dominant browser, after a long battle of features – not to mention many millions of dollars later in lawsuits.

With the new battle, brings new issues for web masters. Web sites now need to be tested to ensure that they work on FireFox. Without testing, many web site owners may be inadvertently providing a poor user experience, which could be impacting their conversation rates. So whilst they may be doing all the hard work (or using a Search Engine Marketing firm to do it for them) of getting visitors to their site, unless the conversion is happening, then making a positive ROI is going to be tough.

Testing how your site looks in various browsers, operating systems and monitor resolutions is a great way to ensure that your site is going to work in any configuration that your user may have. It is making sure that you are doing the most with your traffic that you are getting to your site.

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