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Friday, June 24, 2005

Search Engine Technology: Yahoo’s! Weather Report

Posted by @ 12:42 am

For the second time this year, Yahoo! has released a “search engine weather report”. Well, the weather report was really just a quick update on Yahoo!’s search blog informing webmasters about the fact that Yahoo! was going to make changes to its index on June 20. Tim Mayer from Yahoo! said that webmasters could expect to see more of their pages in the index, but also cautioned that there would be some fluctuations in rankings.

Did you get caught in stormy weather or are you basking in the glorious sunshine of the index changes?

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This is terrible!!!!!
The new indexing dropped so many of my listings. I do not know how bad the damage is but it seems I was caught right in the eye of a tornado. Yesterday i had over 500 first page listings for my clients and in 1 case for example I had 7 out of 10 of my sites on page 1. Now I have 1 on page 1. Looks like they have cut down on over use of key words. In fact from the initial investigation they use the pages that have no main word string but the key word is in the title tag with no description tag. The only good thing about the new “search engine weather report” is that they have forecasted sunny skies for my vacation this week! I guess ill have time to asses the damage of the storm the new index has caused.
Mike Wilson admin:

By Mike Wilson - June 28, 2005

YAY!!! looks like Yahoo droped the new index and resorted back to the older files from last week!!! Im basking in the glorious sunshine again!!!!!!!!!


By Mike Wilson - June 29, 2005

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