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Monday, August 8, 2005

Search Engine News: Yahoo! Competes Head-On with Google AdSense

Posted by @ 1:38 am

Yahoo! has launched a new service allowing publishers to display Yahoo!’s pay-per-click ads. The new Yahoo! Publisher Network is self-serve platform aiming to provide small- and medium-sized web publishers with easy access to Yahoo! advertising and content.

The Network, which is currently still in Beta and by invitation only, is direct competition for Google’s AdSense Network. Yahoo! also announced that it had bigger plans for its new network. After rolling out the Content Match pay-per-click ads to publishers, Yahoo! plans to make services like Y!Q, Yahoo! Maps and “Add to My Yahoo!” available as part of the network.

Discussion (7 - comments)

What I hate about google is that they literally agressively hijacked the whole field of website promotion.
Google Earth – it’s an example how these people don’t give a damn about US security, and security of the friendly countries.
YAHOO on the other hand have a more gentle and friendly approach.
That’s why 90% of people use YAHOO as their home page and the Search feature, plus other tools and many are coming soon.
I and many other millions hope that YAHOO will bring these sav… down as soon as possible
We Pray!

By Anonymous - August 9, 2005

Invitation only? So typical of Yahoo — they just don’t get it…

By Anonymous - August 9, 2005

As a small business owner on the Internet for the past 7 years I favor Google for so many reasons. Google users are much more likely to click non-paid search results than Yahoo or MSN. Why? Because Yahoo, the money grubbers that they are, guide visitors toward paid results.

Yahoo goes for our money with both hands with their 300 dollar fee for inclusion into their directory with no guarantee that you site will ever be included (imagine that).

And last but not least, Google users much more often purchase products online compared to Yahoo users. I’ll spend any money I have to promote my business with Google. They send me much more traffic than Yahoo and I appreciate it.

The only good thing about this to me is more competition which it always good. Yahoo has a lot of changing to do to mend fences with small business website owners like me.

By Art Nesmith - August 9, 2005

I think Google is going too far, certain business companies are not found. I switch to Yahoo and they are listed in their directory. I think Yahoo is the most common search engine alongside MSN! Google is primarily on my AOL account for which can be annoying as I feel I am stuck in Google land!

As for the paid inclusions with Yahoo. I liked it better when you paid Yahoo to overlook your site and you were listed in the top 10 placements for $600.00 – money well spent since your web site was personally overlooked. Now, I can’t get my site’s on Google come hell or high water!

Being a webmaster since 1998 Google has now become a thorn in my side!

By Anonymous - August 10, 2005

I think it is important, also for the Google Adsense uers that there is some competition.

The Google monopoly is to my opinion not a good thing, given that Google considers itself already as the only source of information and behaves extremely arrogant towards its users.

Let’s see if Yahoo can bring Google back to earth.

By Anonymous - August 11, 2005

Google has become, for our web-based small business anyway, the Great Evil. It is so prohibitively expensive to advertise in the PPC on Google that we were paying 5 or six times our ROI out to Google. Whenever we worked with Google to try to improve our ROI, their suggestions always came down to one thing: spend more money! We have found, by direct comparison with the same keywords, that Yahoo/Overture PPC is far more effective and less expensive. Our cost per conversion is now less than 50% of our average PPC-generated sale. Why any small business owner on the web would throw their money away on Google’s PPC AdWords campaigns is beyond my understanding.

By Anonymous - August 17, 2005

Not sure if its an aonlalmy or a trend but gross revenues are climbing at Yahoo.. Yesterday (Sun Feb 25 was 15.83% stronger than first Sunday in Feb and every consecutive Sunday has been climbing.

By Jiija - February 25, 2012

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