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Monday, July 18, 2005

Search Engine News: – The New Kid on the Block

Posted by @ 6:33 pm

A group of smaller search engines and directories has formed a new network as a counterweight to the large search engines that currently dominate the industry. While the focus of the new network currently is on the pay-for-inclusion product they offer, it’ll be interesting to see if the network evolves from its mainly commercial focus to an advocacy body for the large number of smaller search engines and directories.

Here are some extracts from their press release: “A new player has entered the online search arena calling itself the Independent Search Engine & Directory Network (ISEDN.ORG). Founded by in late June, 2005, the ISEDN has rapidly grown to 47 member sites …

The ISEDN has adopted ExactSeek’s hybrid pay-for-inclusion model which offers top 10 website exposure to search engine advertisers at fixed, flat fee rates. Similar in concept to Google’s AdWords program without the pay-per-click element, the program has grown in popularity as pay-per-click costs soar and news of rampant click fraud continues to tarnish the pay-per-click model.

… Mel Strocen, CEO of Jayde Online, Inc., ExactSeek’s parent company, said: “There is tremendous interest in the concept of an independent search organization that can act as a counter to the heavyweights in the search industry. The ISEDN is looking to focus media and public attention on a more affordable and reliable search advertising model than the one being promoted by the current leaders in the pay-per-click world.”

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My website is very large. I’ve written a collection of pages to the order of 186 or so yet the Search Engines all look at my pages individually. On a per page level I get killed by this system, but if my website as a unit was catalogued for content people would see my website. I suppose a separate search engine needs to be built for this. I’m sure others must feel the same way. I think it should be a new engine that doesn’t cater to all the big websites that have teams of SEO’s on the payroll, like MedLine and government MEGASITES. A search engine where people would go to find the “little guys” who still have worthy content, a search engine that wouldn’t cater to porno and gamers. Maybe such an engine already exists & I’m the last to know about it, but if one starts up please contact me so I can throw my name in the hat and make a link from my Homepage (

Woodrow Riley

By Anonymous - July 19, 2005

I have a fairly new web site, with good content for adults.Not considered Porno to some. I think it needs recognition just like all other sites on the Internet. It depends on whats important to certain people. We should all have a fair chance to be seen!!!


By SherylK - July 20, 2005


I have just joined the group with my site it is too early to say how effective this is going to be but I sure hope it develops it something more than a way to sell paid for inclusion listings

By iwilliam - February 8, 2006

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