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Monday, January 15, 2007

Paying Per Job Applicant

Posted by @ 6:31 pm

The world certainly has become a different place. From the days of dropping resumes to potential employers, and posting tons out through the mail, to now, where we have websites dedicated to posting jobs. Some people are employed without ever dealing with the employer.

With the ever growing popularity of pay per click advertising, Coca Cola has found an even better way to post job listings, yes, pay-per-click. They pay, every time a potential applicant clicks on one of their ads placed on Google AdWords, specifically on job search results on Google.

If worked out on average click prices then they could easily save themselves heaps of money by not paying fees to job sites but rather paying per click.

Let’s see:
Assuming a click price of 30cents and 300 clicks per month then they would pay approximately $90, assuming a conversion rate of 1% (very poor) that’s 3 applications. For a job board posting you can pay as much as $419 per month ( for a job listing, which as you can see is quite a lot more and still does not guarantee a successful job applicant.

With pay-per-click advertising there is also the option of turning off your ad when you find an appropriate candidate, which can save you a lot of wasted money. I mean what’s the point in having jobs posted when they are no longer available to applicants. There is nothing worse than seeing that perfect job that you would love to apply for only to notice that it is too late to apply.

With this new recruitment strategy, I’m sure the job sites will need to become more flexible with their pricing to hold onto the companies that can target their own recruitment campaigns using pay per click advertising.

ineedhits Team You can click on any of the circles to get more information about the business they represent, essentially giving many more local businesses first page exposure on Google maps. It should be noted that the top 10 listings will still appear as pins on the left hand side of the map.

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Discussion (2 - comments)

As I’m moving into the world of PPC I’m not surprized to see Coca Cola using PPC as a means of getting applicates for jobs. PPC has got to be the best advertising medium of the 21st Millenium.

By Anonymous - January 16, 2007

Well said. PPC is definately the way to go in the 21st Century. From getting more exposure… boosting your sales! Great article.

By Anonymous - January 17, 2007

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