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Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Search Wishlist for 2010

Posted by @ 7:53 pm

Happy New Year to one and all! It’s hard to believe it is 2010.

The web is full of predictions about what is going to happen in search for 2010 – some good, some obvious and some way out there. In the past, I have cast my predictions and even managed to get some right.

This year, I thought I would do something different – not what I thought was going to happen but what I want to happen this year. My 2010 wishlist if you prefer, with a bias towards search but also some general tech wishes as well:

  • Microhoo! (Microsoft and Yahoo!) to finally get their act together and become a serious contender to Google’s dominance in both the organic and pay per click results.
  • The search engines to realize that SEM/SEO firms are a valuable & genuine asset in helping them to grow and manage their businesses. Reputable SEM firms are responsible for generating many millions of dollars for the search engines. We are the online equivalent of media agencies – we have the power to control the media spend of our clients. Embrace us, support us, reward and ignore us at your own peril. But most of all, stop poaching our clients!
  • Online spending to see growth of 62% like it did in the good old days of 2006. While I believe (as do most people) that the market will continue to grow, the rate will be no where near as steep. The worldwide economy will recover although I suspect it will be late 2010 rather than the first half of the new year.
  • To see a year without a single post of “SEO is Dead”. I started in search in Feb 2003 and the “SEO is Dead” post outlives me by over a year. SEO isn’t dead and won’t be dead while consumers continue to spend money online and use search engines to find products. SEO is only dead if you don’t know what you are doing. To anyone writing an SEO is Dead article, you are only doing it for link bait – which is an SEO tactic – which is quite ironic really.
  • Terms such as “Search 2.0”, “Web 2.0” and “Twittersphere” to go out of fashion in the mainstream media. Most people do not know what they mean (including the reporter) and they add no value. Surely the world can do without these?
  • Apple to release the iPhone 4 which hopefully can get more than a single day out of the battery. Although this is not specifically search related, it is something which impacts me every day, especially if I am at a conference and on my iPhone all day.
  • The Google Toolbar to stop displaying the page rank indicator. Page Rank is an outdated measure of your site’s success in the SERP’s. It causes more problems than it is worth. The true measure of your online success is by how much traffic you get from the SERPs and how that traffic converts.
  • TechCrunch to go back to posting quality articles instead of quantity. Although the TechCrunch team does still publish quality posts, currently we have to scan through several irrelevant articles to find the gold.
  • Ecommerce fraud to become less of an issue (rather than a bigger one as it is currently doing). Any company which runs a decent amount of ecommerce knows that fraud can put a significant strain on a business – in terms of cashflow and also time to respond to the problem. A worldwide solution to this problem is required to protect businesses and consumers alike.
  • 2010 to be the year that Local Search actually starts to work for businesses and consumers alike. The current local solutions by all the players are clunky and do not provide a local view – for example, why does Google show me a Laundromat located several kilometers away from where I wanted? (See pins F, H, I, G and J on the map). Local search needs to get smarter and start to look at the context of the search, and auto scale the map to suit that search.


  • The walled garden that is Facebook to continue to break down and allow complete external access. This will assist individual and companies in building their reputation and brand, but also with their SEO efforts. There will be at least 2 major privacy “scares” which are blown out of proportion by the main stream media which will dampen the efforts to by Facebook to open up.

So those are my wishes for 2010 – feel free to share your own wishes below.

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