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Monday, December 17, 2012

November Search Share: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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The war for dominance among the search engines is heating up. Despite the aggressive and tiring efforts from all companies, it still seems that the all out war between Google and Bing continues while all other major search engines are hardly even getting a look in.

The latest search market share data for the month of November has been made public and it surely is good news for Bing, bad for Google and ugly for the likes of Ask and AOL.

Technically, Google doesn’t yet have anything to worry about since they are not only stable and dominant with their market share but is also making mild progress to increase its worth in the search engines game. However, given the meteoric rise of the search engine giant and the complete monopoly it enjoyed for almost a decade now seems to be under threat from Bing.

The November 2012 stats show the Explicit Core Search Share of Google sites at 67%, Microsoft sites and Yahoo sites which collectively now form Bing at 25.4% and other sites Ask at 3% and AOL at 1.7%. To put things in perspective vis-à-vis the preceding month in October, Google enjoyed a growth of 0.1 percentage points while Bing experienced a growth of 0.4 percentage points. Yahoo had lost about 0.1 percentage points but that was primarily losing their own searches to that of Bing which really doesn’t affect the prospects of the now merged search giant.

The markets and the trends clearly indicate that Google’s monopoly may be at stake and some experts already feel that it is no longer a monopoly but duopoly. However, there is still a huge difference between the market shares of the two largest search engines and unless there is some sort of congruence or closing up of the two largely distant stats, Bing is unlikely to threaten Google’s top position.

It would be interesting to see how both Google and Bing along with others tend to change their policies and include mobile searches. The above stats are for PC searches and given the fact that millions of people are accessing the net and the maps using the smart phones, it is that segment that would witness a complete overhaul in approaches.

The larger question remains whether Google can just do with its presence in Android or it needs to be available on Apple products as well to maintain its dominance and if Bing can manage to create any further dents and carve out some market shares out of Google’s pie.

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