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Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Yahoo! Search Powered Features Keep Coming

Posted by @ 11:40 pm

You’d think that Yahoo! would be winding down their investment into search related developments given the Search Alliance finally coming to fruition – BUT you’d be wrong!

Yahoo! is continuing to test and invest in search powered features, with the goal of leveraging the new Search Alliance and ensuring the Bing integration is generating the best experience for their users.

Search is evolving to mean more than entering keywords in a text box – at Yahoo! we believe it’s also about finding the right information at the right time. To help people discover information they want online, we’re enhancing and rolling out new search-powered features across the Yahoo! network.

One of the features that are already generating positive results for the former search titan is “Trending Now” lists – which provide users easy access to searches generating the greatest buzz.


You can find the Trending Now list on the homepage, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, omg!, and more. When you click on any of the terms on the Trending Now list, you will find the latest information about a hot topic and discover related content from Yahoo! Search.

Yahoo! is also working on some new News based search features. The screen shot below highlights testing of how related information will be integrated into news posts.


So while the search results might be coming from elsewhere, Yahoo! is very much committed to ensuring that they’re integrated in the most engaging way – it’s all about holding their market share!

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Discussion (3 - comments)

I believe Yahoo is still a contender in the search engine market. They actually have a stronger brand presence than Google that was shaped during the heady days of the Yahoooooooooo! commercials. But unfortunately they appeared to have stalled that campaign.

By Rick Vidallon - August 9, 2010

this seems a pretty obvious feature in hindsight, surprised it has taken so long, especially since they are a “news site” and pointing out the current hot topics is what they should already be doing…

By Clay Cook - August 13, 2010

Though a great idea for searchers. This Trending now box seems to pose quite a bit of trouble for anyone utilizing yahoo’s search marketing features. Especially when a keyword which is bid on normally gets thrown into “the box.” The result though roughly the same as far as ctr and cpa are concerned results in a drastic change in the amount of impressions and clicks. Something not all marketers need at any given time especially given the amount of time spent optimizing for pre-box search days.

By Chris LaPage - September 27, 2010

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