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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Google Search Results Page to Rollout Worldwide

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Searchers in the US using Google may have noticed a change in the layout of search result pages. The layout now has a simpler and cleaner design that allows users to quickly hone in on the information they are searching for. This simplified layout now works on a variety of devices including phones, tablets and personal computers. Until now, when users searched Google, the layout was different depending on the type of device they were using. To ensure a consistent and experience, Google decided to design one layout that would be recognisable across all devices.

The change that most individuals notice first is the horizontal navigation bar. No longer is the bar located on the left side of the screen. All navigation for Google is now across the top. Like most things Google does, this change in layout design, has created some controversy with some of their users. Google asked individuals in their blog to comment on the new design on their Google+ account. Some users love it, some hate it, and some simply do not care.

The consistent complaint appears to be from users that use some of the advanced search features that are now hidden in the advanced search mode. While others complain, it takes longer and more clicks to filter through the results or sort by criteria. Some users are voicing that they like the new design because it is easier to read and find the spot the information they are searching for. As with all things, some people will learn to love the new design, while others will simply find a different search engine to turn to. The online chatter seems to support that most will learn to adapt to the new design rather than abandon Google.

Google will be rolling out this refreshed layout design in additional languages and regions across the world. As part of the same announcement for this new design, Google announced that as of November 16 users will no longer be able to use background images to customize their personal search homepages in order to continue to streamline their results pages. The question is, is this simply a redesign for the purpose they state or are they making room for more or new kinds of advertising? One thing all users can agree, nothing remains the same, for too long.

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