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Monday, June 25, 2012

New Google Local Ads – Promises 100% Better CTRs

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The ad formats used for Google Mobile and Google Maps have been redesigned – promising to increase the click-through rates by 100 percent.

The new ads are meant to work better for both advertisers and smart phone users according to extensive testing carried out by Google.

A new hyperlocal marker displays the proximity of consumers to the business locations of advertisers. This helps users determine how close or far they are to the businesses they are searching for.

The buttons for things like “get directions” or “click to call” are more prominent to make it easier for the users to follow through. The buttons can also be clicked in more places. Whenever users click on the new ads, they are taken to framed versions of the relevant advertisers’ Web sites within the apps they are using. This means they do not have to make many clicks before reaching the required sites. They also find it easier to return to their maps apps.

Old Ad Format

New Ad Format


A product manager in the Mobile Ads unit, Jonathan Alferness, explained the new formats are geared towards making mobile ads simpler to the users by giving them “two click experiences.”

According to Jay Akkad, another product manager, Google Maps for mobile contains advertisements that help advertisers deliver relevant answers to the users’ questions based on their location.

T-Mobile recently carried out a campaign that demonstrated the power of combining search ads with location extensions. The strategy helps in reaching users near their store locations on mobile search and maps.

The use of tablets and smart phones enables businesses to connect to target audience in new ways through mobile technology. People search for products or services they are interested in and then click to relevant business Web sites. In addition, they click to find directions to nearby stores or make phone calls among other things.

Google has just rolled out the newly formatted local ads to newer Android versions. The new designs are undoubtedly meant to make Google retain the top slot in mobile mapping. Apple is rolling out its mapping application for its iOS, which means iPhones will no longer use Google Maps.

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