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Thursday, November 9, 2006

NEW: Google AdWords Account Snapshot & Diagnostics Tool

Posted by @ 8:35 pm

Google has been busy enhancing their Adwords pay-per-click advertising platform. They’ve just released the Google AdWords Diagnostics Tool for all account holders and have begun displaying a beta version of the Account Snapshot.

With pressure from Yahoo!’s Panama Search Marketing update and Microsoft / improvements to their sponsored listing services (well are building theirs), Google are hoping to maintain their lead over the pay-per-click pack with these latest enhancements.

Google AdWords Ads Diagnostic Tool:
Purpose: Find out whether your ads are showing and if they’re not – find out why.

The Ads Diagnostic Tool can help you recognize why a particular ad or ad group are not showing in the results. In cases where the ads are not being displayed, the tool will provide steps to get your ads back up and running.

The tool can be accessed either from the Ad Group details page or the Tools page. Simply hover “magnifying glass” icon adjacent to any keywords in the group to display the help bubble. If the ads not showing, clicks the “What can I do?” link for more details. This is not available for site-targeted ads.

Google AdWords Account Snapshot:
Purpose: Create a single page overview of your Google AdWords campaigns

The new Account Snapshot being trialed will be presented as your start page when you login to your Google AdWords account.

The information provided in the Account Snapshot includes:

- Alerts and statuses
- Announcements
- Campaign performance summary
- Easy access to help and tips

The account snapshot helps advertisers quickly access the top level information they need without having to drill down into the campaigns.

The provision of the Diagnostic Tool and Account Snapshot should have happened some time ago – it’s amazing what a little competition does. That said, while they are not revolutionary, Google AdWords advertisers will appreciate these sorts of enhancements which save previous time.

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Discussion (1 - comment)

Both look to be useful additions to AdWords, here’s some more info about the account snapshot.

By Kev - November 12, 2006

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